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As athletes, most of us are intimidated by the swim. Our nerves creep in. We lose focus. Our mind tells us what it thinks our body wants to hear. That this is going to be tough. It's going to be hard. We psyche ourselves out before the race even starts.

The BASE Performance / Tower 26 Swim Challenge will help you overcome these thoughts. 

Athlete after athlete tells us that the average amount of yardage they swim per week is only 6,000 yards. 

Think about it. If we could help you get to the point where you can swim one full Ironman Distance Swim a day, (4,000 yards) for 7 days in a row. Your mind will be strong. Your body will be strong. Your confidence in your swim will begin to grow. You may not be Michael Phelps coming out of the water, but you will not be worried about whether you can make the swim or not.  

Use this as a kick start to your summer triathlon training. Use it to build your aerobic engine without breaking down your body or risking injury by running too much too soon.

Start Date:  Monday February 5th
Distance:  4,000 yards / day for 7 days in a row
Why:  In triathlon, everyone is nervous at the start of the Ironman swim.  Their mind plays tricks on them.  But, if in February, you completed 7 Ironman distance swims in a row over 7 days, you can do just one at the race
How:  In a pool, either with a Masters team or on your own
Workouts:  Provided by Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26 (you must sign up for their program)
Cost: $49.95 - gets you the 7 workouts, a T Shirt, a Water Bottle, and a Swim Challenge Cap (all mailed after the completion). You will also receive the workouts via Tower 26 for the 2 week build up to the challenge week.


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