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BASE Recovery Activator AUTOSHIP

BASE Recovery Activator AUTOSHIP



Food From Hand to Cell
This is a question that has been at the forefront of thought of Chinese Medicine over the last several millennia. If the digestive system is malfunctioning then how can food, supplements or even medicine have the desired effect in the system?
It commonly observed in our clinical practice that the function of the digestion system of the endurance athlete becomes comprised overtime. Increased symptoms of digestive malfunction such as gas, bloating, loss of appetite and loose stool are very common. The cause of these symptoms are many. The energy demands placed upon the GI are very high and including a very high caloric diet. Additionally the overloading of sugar supplements and raw vitamin and minerals are also known to weaken and compromise the GI system. With the digestive system not working properly supplements will simply pass through the system with little or no absorption. As the digestive function diminishes this creates a roadblock to recovery and the vicious circle of mal-absorption begins.
Our formulation started with a Chinese Botanical Medicine Formulae carefully designed to help the increase and promote the function of the digestive system. In Chinese medicine the primary function of the digestive tract is the transformation and transportation of nutrient from food form to usable and accessible energy for the organ systems and the body as a whole. Out botanical formula was crafted to enhance this necessary step of recovery. Additionally we have included a component of herbs that are known to have the ability to reduce the toxins associated with endurance training. These help to promote clearance of the muscles and the system.
From this Chinese Botanical Formulae we added L-Glutamine. Consider a non-essential amino-acid L-glutamine has been shown to take on an essential like status under certain conditions of stress, consider endurance sports. Under such circumstances of stress the supplementation of Glutamine becomes highly necessary.
The combination of Chinese Herb and Glutamine will provide an active approach to maintaining GI health in endurance athletes and encourage proper recovery.


  • Facilitates Glycogen Absorption
  • Enhances Recovery
  • Protects Immune Function
  • Increases Lung Function

Base Recovery Activator is formulated with L-glutamine and high quality Chinese botanicals to provide an active catalyst for recovery. Designed to support the GI system and help facilitate clearance of toxins Base Recovery Activator is an essential part of an athlete’s recovery protocol. By combining Base Recovery Activator with a carbohydrate recovery drink you will see substantial increases in the rate of recovery. Base Recovery Activator was born out of the concept that the most important aspect of performance is recovery. If an athlete cannot recover from an effort than what is the purpose of the training? It goes a step further in that if proper recovery is not achieved, then not only will performance be hindered, but there will be a decline in core health function over time.

There has been ample research into the necessary ingredients for recovery for endurance sports, from the simplest of sugars and protein to vitamins and minerals. The question that remains is what ensures digestion, assimilation and utilization of these ingredients. “Base Recovery Activator” was carefully crafted to address this burden on the digestive system and help facilitate the breakdown and assimilation of ingredients necessary for recovery of muscle glycogen.

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Contains 120 capsules


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