Chris Lieto

  • 3 Time Ironman Champion
  • Ironman National Champion 2003, 2011
  • 12 Triathlon Career Victories
2011 Marines Ironman World Championship 70.3"I have been racing for over 10 years and have learned an enormous amount about my body, nutrition and foundational health. I am still increasing in my performance year after year winning races and contending at the highest level at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. The reason I feel I am continually improving is because I look at the small things and the big things in training and in what I put in my body. There are some great products out there that help me perform to my ability, but there is also a lot that is missing. After 3 years planning, researching and teaming up with experts I have decided to launch my own nutrition supplement line. BASE Performance is about the foundational health everyone needs to live a healthy life, but more importantly in some peoples eyes perform at a higher level. Some of these products I have been using since 2005 refining and continually improving until I and my team believed that it was ready to bring to the public. Almost all of us are in a dehydrated state and are amino and protein deficient. It is imperative that you turn this around. This is what athletes are needing in a bad way and it can help improve your health, performance, recovery, and help you be more hydrated. I believe that you will feel a huge difference the first time you take these products. If you don't believe me read the testimonials of people and athletes that take the product once and email us with their results that blow them away. Training sessions that surpass their best training or racing performances. You will feel better in each workout, recover faster and the next day you will feel fresh and ready to go."


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