Main objectives in your sport career:
Win big races.

What is the best moment of your sports career?
Winning my comeback race from shoulder reconstruction at Rev3 South Carolina over a loaded field.

What do you think about before competition?
The race, the million little things that I need to do in order to have a successful day.

How do you get motivated before competition?
Knowing I have put the work in to beat the best.

Tell us about an anecdote during competition:
The difference in internal jubilation as I dismounted the bike between setting the half and ironman bike split records. As I entered T2 at 70.3 Clearwater I was caught up in the moment and the accomplishment and I focused more on the cramps in my legs rather than my form. To say the least I did not have a good run at all. When I got off the bike at Ironman Florida I knew I set the standard but I immediately put the bike behind me and really focused on not making the marathon a death march. To say the least I have matured mentally over the last few years.

Appart from triathlon, which are your other hobbies?
Skiing and Snowmobiling.

Do you listen to music before a race?

Favorite dish:

Your favourite book:
“For Swimmers 365 Main Sets”

Your favourite film:
The Matrix (1999)

The place that has amazed you the most:
Icefields Parkway

A Challenge to overcome:
Unprepared aid stations, being the leader of the race many times the aid stations are not set up or underprepared.


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