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herb-cunitzHerb is a 48 year old VP running a global team of software sales, pre-sales and services executives. He lives in San Diego, works out of San Francisco and travels most weeks to visit customers and employees around the world. He was originally a runner and soccer player who agreed to enter a Sprint triathlon many years ago in Connecticut. Herb was hooked after the first one and started to spend more time swimming and cycling. These were the early days of triathlons and he was in races such as Chuck's Triathlon vs. todays better known events. He slowed my racing schedule in Chicago as cycling was not overly exciting going 50 miles across flat corn fields; however, he did enter the Chicago triathlon and loved it. Herb took up cycling again after moving to San Francisco as the countryside is very conducive to cycling and the mountains are spectacular for climbing. He re-entered triathlons and started entering Wildflower and other local races.
I found training and racing as a great way to counter the stresses of growing companies and constant traveling.
Herb has become more serious about making time for training while traveling. He spent last summer working and living in Europe with the family and had a great time riding rental bikes in cities across Europe such as Munich, Paris and London while experiencing the variety of pools in every city for swimming.
I met Chris Lieto on a ride in Kona last year and he introduced me to BASE Performance. I was training for the Alpe dí Huez triathlon in France and decided the BASE routine would be helpful to my training as the Alpe dí Huez triathlon has over 10,000 feet of climbing! I was very impressed with the results and have been a continuous user of BASE products ever since. I have less time for workouts so I do fewer, yet harder workouts and BASE helps me get through the workout with better results and faster recovery.