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DO MORE: Carrie McCoy - Kona Kids

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BASE Performance is proud to partner with MORE Than Sport to contribute to the greater good of the athletes, the race communities and beyond. MORE Than Sport’s founder, Chris Lieto, said the mission is to "transform lives around the world through amazing products, service trips, and fundraising opportunities to support clean water, food, medical care, education, and housing for those in need”.Each month BASE Performance is excited and honored to share the work of a team member that exemplifies the mission of MORE Than Sport.

The March MTS athlete is professional triathlete, Carrie McCoy. McCoy’s journey to become a force for the greater good began with her involvement with the Blazeman Foundation for fighting the War on ALS. She raced to raise money to support the non-profit organization founded in memory of  John Blais. Blais, completed the Ironman World Championship in 2005 after being diagnosed with ALS.

Having competed in the Ironman World Championships two times, McCoy was taken aback to learn that Hawaii has the largest percentage of homeless per capita. In Kona there is a transitional housing unit called Ulu Wini that assists homeless and low income families. McCoy noticed that there were numerous resources available to help aide the adults but there were not programs focused on the children of the Ulu Wini community; hence, the creation of Kona Kids. Kona Kids works with low income elementary and middle school children with the goals of fostering learning experiences and developmental resources through education, exercise and leadership.” McCoy’s long term strategic plan is to help children earn college scholarships. McCoy emphasizes education and leadership within her program and has raised over $7,000 so far. She is dedicated to continuing to grow the Kona Kids project. If you would like to help this initiative you can do so by donating here:

BASE Performance is proud to have an amazing athlete and agent for change on our team. Congratulations Carrie, on your outstanding achievements and for being an inspirational athlete that demonstrates that triathlon is MORE Than Sport!
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