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DO MORE: Bob Balfour

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Boston Bob Balfour hails from Melrose, MA and is retired from the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. Bob’s favorite races to participate in are Ironman Lake Placid and the Boston Marathon. His favorite distance is the iron distance triathlon.

Upon first meeting Bob, you cannot help but to be taken in by his infectious smile and palpable energy! He is passionate about the sport and the BASE Performance products. His favorite part about racing is interacting with other athletes, volunteers, spectators and the locals.  Boston Bob is our MORE than Sport athlete for January as he gives back countless hours every week to help lead the Boston Police Department Running Club and he is the President of Runners in Recovery which guides people to running as a positive alternative to addiction to fuel their  recovery.  He is also an addiction counselor and is rebuilding a triathlon team for alcoholics and addicts in recovery.

In the mid-80s Bob battled an alcohol and drug addiction and attempted to put his life back together. At the young age of 26 he found himself in rehab, which was better than the alternative, prison, a place he feared he would eventually go.  On his 28th day of rehab he went for his very first run during a snowstorm, nonetheless. He ran seven miles around the parking lot of the facility and felt like he had “stuck olympic gold”. Within three months of leaving rehab he ran his first 5k and several years later he went on to run what would be his first of fourteen Boston marathons.

For the past 25 years Bob has been passionate about helping others make big changes in their lives through exercise. He truly believes that “anyone from jail to Yale can overcome obstacles in their lives”. When he entered the triathlon scene he admits he had a lot to learn! He learned how to swim and overcame his fear of deep water. Bob tapped into the skills he teaches people on a daily basis, to overcome obstacles. This summer will be his fifth Ironman (Lake Placid).

Boston Bob is an outstanding example of how triathlon/running/cycling or swimming, is so much MORE than Sport. He walks the walk and talks the talk and leads by example. He has helped saved countless lives and get people on the right path to recovery. We are proud to have such an amazing person representing BASE Performance. Bob lives by the adage “Success is measured by what we give, not what we receive”.

Thank you from all of us at BASE Performance for all that you do! You truly embody what MORE than Sport represents!

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