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What is the BASE team? We are an inclusive team of athletes from all walks of life. We are never exclusionary. We are not the fastest. We are not elites. We are not the prettiest or the skinniest ones out there. However, we are always amazing!

 We are family. We encourage each other. We meet at races where previously, we may not have had any friends by our sides. Through Base, we are connected.

 We want you to be connected with us.


Below are frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the BASE team:

What is the purpose of the team?

  • First and foremost: Have fun! This is our top priority! Secondly, we promote BASE products in the community. Finally, we promote our partners on the team.

Am I required to race in a BASE kit?

  • You are only required to race 3 times in a BASE kit. Three. That is all BASE asks of you. Most of our team members race 8 to 10 times a year in their kits; however, we understand some of you are on multiple teams and must also race in their kits. If your other team REQUIRES that you race 100% of your races in their kit, then perhaps you should reconsider being on both teams. We are a little more relaxed than other teams and choose to share our athletes. If you have a specific problem, chat with Matt to create a solution. However, we only require you complete three races in our kit, which should be acceptable to your other team.

    Is it OK if I am already on another team?

    • It is absolutely OK, given your other team does not directly conflict with ours. For example: NUUN is a great product, but it is a direct competitor to BASE, which makes it a conflict for you to be on both teams. Another example is the Honey Stinger ambassador team. We like their products, but we make similar bars.
    • If your other team REQUIRES that you race 100% of every single race in their kit, then not really sure why you want to be on 2 different teams. We are a little more relaxed and would prefer to share. If you have a specific problem, chat with Matt and I'm sure something can be done. But since we only require 3 races in the kit, it should be doable for your other team.

    How and Where do I find the application September 20th?

    • It will be emailed to a ton of recipients. It will also be on Facebook. Finally, it will be in a blog on our main website. Check there if you do not receive an email and/or cannot find it on Facebook.

    Once I submit my application, when and how will you notify me if I am on the team?You will receive an email around October 15th.

    • You will receive a notification email approximately October 15, 2017. This will likely go to either your Spam or Promotions folders. Please look for the email starting October 15, 2017.

    What are your standards for accepting athletes on to your team?

    • Our standards are fairly easy to meet:
      • Are you fun? Then you are welcome on the team!
      • Are you drama free? Then please, join us!
      • Are you accepting of others? We are an inclusive group and we love all of you. Our team is a big family and we want to continue to grow our family.
      • HOWEVER—We are NOT looking for athletes who just want to add another notch to their belt. For example, if you are already an ambassador for 27 other companies (sad but true story), please do not apply. THAT is not our thing.
      • Please do not join the team solely for the discounts. Honestly, this shows and is not why our team exists. We want you to be active in the group: to encourage, to participate, and to help us grow.
      • You should probably sample our products prior to applying to be certain you can help promote them.
      • Are you fun????? Did we mention: Are you fun????

    Do I have to Race Ironman or Half Ironman distance races to be on the team?

    • Absolutely NOT. We actively seek beginners and we include team members who are not triathletes (marathon runners, mountain bikers, maybe even a biathlete because who wouldn’t want to ski and shoot a gun?). We want you on our team and you will benefit from the experiences of our more seasoned team members.

    Do we receive discounts on BASE Products?

    • Yes, of course. The value of your discount grows larger each year you return to the team. In your first year, you will receive 25% off products and 50% on PRE ORDER gear. 

    Who are some of the BASE other Partners that we receive discounts with? (The red items below are linked to their respective website if you would like to learn more)

    What is the difference between the RACE team and the Ambassador team?

    • In 2018, there will be no difference. We are combining the two to make it easier for everybody.

    What are the requirements of being on the team?

    • We ask you to volunteer a MINIMUM of FOUR hours at races throughout the entire year. Yes—only four (4) hours. You stand in line at the grocery store all year longer than four hours. BASE attends 50 events per year, which opens up plenty of volunteer opportunities. Even if you are racing in a particular race, you can help out at the expo for an hour or two. It most likely will not kill you. Plus, IT IS FUN.

    Is it free of charge to be on the team?

    • No it is not free to be on the team. There is a fee of $300. However, for that $300, you will receive $800- to $1,000-worth of fantastic stuff, including products and new training, racing, and active wear. We want you to appreciate all the items you receive—free items have zero value.

    Can bribes be sent to Lauralee?

    • Yes. If you are on the team, you'll understand.

    What are the dates we can have expectations set for? Walk us backwards

    • January 15 through February 1, 2018: we aim to have your BASE Boxes mailed to you.
    • November 15, 2017: Kits and gear will be ordered from the manufacturer so we will have it by January.

    • November 10, 2017: Team members’ orders for kits and gear must be completed and the team store will be closed.

    • October 15, 2017: Notification emails will be sent and the team store will open

    • September 15, 2017: Team application notice will be launched.

    What fun things such as camps does BASE have:

    • Early January - Snowshoe Hike Hut Trip through the Rocky Mountains
    • BASE Training Camp #1: 2/22-2/25 - Clermont, FL - all abilities welcome. $100 for team members. It is a fun camp with a training problem.
    • BASE Training Camp #2: 4/19-4/22 - Boulder, CO - all abilities welcome. $200 for team members. It is a fun camp with a training problem.
    • BASE Training Camp #3: Early June - Santa Rosa, CA - all abilities welcome. This is a Wine Drinking Camp for those of us who have a triathlon training problem. 
    If you have been on the team in the past, do you have to reapply each year?
    • Yes. Each year we figure out ways to do things better, so we want to keep you engaged.
    Will someone on the team please explain the Matt's hair jokes?
    • Yes, but don't expect it to come from Matt.  The hair jokes go along with jokes about Matt showering once in a while.
    Do I have to be fast to be on the team?
    • No. No. No. We are not an elitist group. We aim to be FUN. We are the back-of-the-packers, although we do have some talented athletes. We live in the real world: we are the dedicated ones who bust our butts all day at work, have families, and still find time during the day to squeeze in a workout. Plus, if we pay ridiculous entry fees for a race, we are going to get our money’s worth out there.

    If I can't make it to Ironman events to volunteer, how else can I promote BASE and spread the word?

    • We are branching into running races, charity events, swim meets and cow-tipping competitions. We are growing, and we want you to help us grow together. But… wow! Do we have a ton of fun on the run course at Ironman events!!

    Is there a newsletter?

    • There's a newsletter?????   Danny????  Huh?

    Is there a private team Facebook page?

    • Yes, it is our forum to communicate, to support and encourage each other, and it has ZERO drama. It is awesome.

    Am I required to do a certain amount of Social Media posts per week / month?

    • No way Jose (or Josette). Posting on your personal social media is awesome. Feel free to tag us—if you do, we will likely repost what your amazing accomplishment.

    Can I join the team in January or later in 2018?

    • Yes, you may; but you will not receive the same prices for the goodies as you would by joining in October. We purchase product and gear in large volumes in November, which is when our suppliers give us volume discounts that we pass along to you. If we must do one-offs later in the year, the costs to us (and you) are much higher. Furthermore, there will be issues in managing late team applications.

    If I do not have the $300 in November, can we work out a payment arrangements?

    • This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We do not prefer payment plans, but we also understand. We can work out something if it is absolutely necessary.

    Do we have to be in the continental US to be considered part of the team?

    • You do not have to live in the U.S. However, if you are outside of the U.S. or Canada, you must have a service box to which we can send stuff. If you live in a different country, you already know to what we refer.

    Are you a pet friendly team?

    If I am a professional, do I need to apply, or is there a different process?

    • Send an email to Matt.  matt@baseperformance.com

    Do I have to use ALL the BASE products?

    • No, but we would certainly like for you to at least try them. We are implementing a program to offer larger discounts if you order more product each month.

    Do I have to be fast like Matt, as smart as Tony, pretty like Lauralee, or as cool as Danny??

    • No one is as pretty as Lauralee, but the other 3 goobers. They are more like the 3 stooges.

    Can I co-brand Base with my own business, charity, local races, or along with other non-competing products?

    • Yes, just speak to Matt / Danny first

    Is Danny as really as pretty in person as he is on Facebook?

    • NO, but he rocks it as a model

    Will we have samples to share?

    • Yes, each of you will be given samples of products in your BASE Box for the purpose of sharing.

    What charities does the BASE Team support?

    What is the BASE box, and how does it work

    • From October 15 through November 10, 2017, you will have access to the team store where you will create your wish list of products: Hydros, Aminos, Salts, Omegas, training gear, racing gear, active wear, etc. THEN…you will receive a code that will provide you a $500 to $700 discount on your order. Your order will then be prepared and approximately 8 weeks later, you will be sent a box in the mail with all the goodies you put together. Most of the items are for you, because you are a FUN team member—but some are for you to share with others. Spread the fun around…

    Can my significant other and I both be on the team together?

    • Oh heck yeah. Just complete two separate applications please. But we love awesome couples. Couples who train together stay together.

    As a BASE team member, will I be able to guide a blind athlete in a race in 2018?
    • Yes. Matt is working with Ironman in order to make the Boulder 70.3 the North American Championships for Blind Athletes. So, if you are on the team, Matt will reach out to you first to be a guide.

      I didn't know BASE had other products besides BASE Salt. What are they?

      In closing, please be fun! THAT is what makes our team so awesome! We never take ourselves too seriously, except for when Matt brushes his hair… or when Lauralee does not—in transition. Besides that, we really have a good time. You will always, always see our BASE Athletes smiling.

      Even Charles is smiling here, I swear.
      Except for Russell, he never smiles. 

      11 Responses

      Tia Dillman
      Tia Dillman

      October 10, 2017

      How do I apply? I didn’t see a link. Maybe I missed it?


      Dee Dee Lincoln
      Dee Dee Lincoln

      September 20, 2017

      Please send me an application!
      (I’m a cycle instructor.) I started using Rocket Fuel during my first IM. I use Rocket Fuel, during training, because I always practicing for Race day! I’m working on my Third IM ! Base has changed my training, my racing, my life! I Cannot wait to represent a company that I truly believe in! What a privilege it would be to sport a Base kit on the course!

      Joe Matthews
      Joe Matthews

      September 20, 2017

      My high friend, Kristen C is on the team and has encouraged me to join in the fun. Plz send the forms asap.

      Norman Carpenter
      Norman Carpenter

      September 20, 2017

      I thought that the application would be online to join the Base Team?

      Kelly Trim
      Kelly Trim

      September 15, 2017

      Counting down the days (and preparing bribes) to join BASE team! It’s rare if ever you see a team where every member at every race is friendly, fun and completely in love with their tribe. Met Tony D at 70.3 TX and never looked back! It’s ALL ABOUT BASE!!

      Patti Weil
      Patti Weil

      September 14, 2017

      Love BASE and hope to be part of your team in 2018.
      Please send me an application!!!

      Jen Bristow
      Jen Bristow

      September 10, 2017

      Best team in the world! Like family!

      Rick Dunaway
      Rick Dunaway

      September 10, 2017

      2017 was my first year on the BASETeam—I had a BLAST representing such an awesome group of people. This group is almost like having FAMILY at every race. I really appreciate all the things this group does for community as well. If you want a special experience with Triathlon— don’t miss an opportunity to join this TEAM in 2018!


      September 09, 2017

      Hello-I’m so excited to be applying to be a Bast Salt Ambassador, it totally got me through my Ironman in Arizona, with the help of Frank Cherne-introduced me to your product, haven’t looked back????


      September 09, 2017

      OMG seriously I am beyond blessed to have been on this team for the last 2 years and I can’t wait to put my name in the hat for next year. The is the best, most fun and exciting team to be a part of. Lauralee I make some kick butt brownies lol.


      September 09, 2017

      Wow…I can’t wait for the applications to come out. What a fun group you all look like. I especially like that you have fun camps with training problems. That’s exactly what I have been looking for! Yaaaaasssss Queeen! Sign me up!!

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