2015 Events Survey

April 15, 2015

Ok.  I'm going to try this again.  Great response last night.   Thank you very much.  Lots of feedback.  Couple things.  I'll try to answer all of your questions in bullet points.
  • We are only able to do this for the events which are listed below.   We know that customer purchase a lot of product at the below races and the $1,500 expo cost can be covered
  • We will already be at the full Ironman distance races, so those are not included.   But if you want to help us out, we would love it
  • We are offering this to you if you happen to live in the area.  The $1,500 covers the expo cost plus the logistics from Tri Bike Transport of getting all of the product and expo items to / from the event.  If you live in one of the cities, or happen to be going to the race anyways and would like to do this.   GREAT.  But for 2015 we do not have the budget to fly someone to a location in order to run the expo booth.
  • You do not have to pay for the product
  • We would have everything you need shipped to your house
  • Customers would pay via Square on your phone or Ipad, or with cash
  • The first $1,500 goes to BASE to cover the cost of expo, you keep the rest
  • If you do not sell $1,500 worth of product, we will not bill you the balance.   ($1,500 is only 50 units of our salt)
  • I do NOT recommend doing this by yourself if you are planning to race the event (you will be on your feet entire day and it is tiring)
  • You will sell a lot more product by having an additional person help you
  • We will outfit your expo with 200 salts, 800 race vials, and 6 units of each of the other products
  • You will be provided with 500 flyers to hand out with info about BASE that says "$25 off your next online purchase of $60 or more"
  • Once the event is over, you are responsible for closing the expo down, boxing everything up, and taking leaving the items for Tri Bike Transport to pick up and take to the next race. You will communicate with Kim at events@baseperformance.com on how this will work
  • Although marathons and other running races would be great, we are not able to do them at this time in 2015.
  • We are open to suggestions regarding other events, as long as costs are within reason.  Ex:  If you can get us into Marine Corps Marathon expo.   At a cost of $500.   And you think you can run the expo turn key and cover the costs.   We are open to hearing about it.
Would love to hear your comments and feedback in the comments section. Thanks Matt [Form id="18"]       We are looking to gain an understanding on who would be interested in earning some additional money in 2015.    BASE will be at the races listed HERE.   But there a lots and lots and lots of races that we just can't personally attend.   We are curious if you would be interested in attending on our behalf.   Our cost per event for the expo is $1,000.  We are only looking at WTC 70.3 Races, and all Challenge Races.  Click on the hyperlinks to look at the schedules.  We are only talking about US races.   Please let us know below, yes or no, if you would be interested in completely heading up an expo on behalf of BASE.   We would pay you like such.   Anything you sell over and above $1,000, you keep.  (In Florida this past weekend, we sold 175 jars of BASE Salts for $20 each, $3,500.   You could have earned $2500)  ~~~ In 2016 we will venture towards marathon expo's, cross fit, etc.  We are open to them this year, but this is just an idea.    

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