Ironman Louisville Race Report

September 17, 2014

A Bike Is A Bike Is A Bike

Favorite testimonial from IMKY:  Elizabeth Lulich, MI, F40-44, 15:34:52  "I was the one who told you I was doing lines of salt off my aero bars. I LOVED your product and will help promote any way I can. I have to admit, I thought it was a little sketch when I paid $5 a piece for a Tic Tac container of salt... but I probably would have paid $50 on the bike course when I started to cramp." Since when is a bike really just a bike?   I mean, I could probably complete an Ironman Distance Triathlon on my beach cruiser, but who wants to do that. Technology has advanced.   We as athletes have advanced.   But why are we sooooooo incredibly reluctant to change? This is a picture of the man we all know, Chris Lieto, hauling ass on one of his super bikes.  (For those of you who don't know, Chris is the master whiz who created BASE Performance and makes the decisions on all of the formulas.   They are all created by him). [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]BikeComparison Superbike vs. Beach Cruiser, a bike is a bike right? I mean, if it has 2 wheels, 2 pedals, and handlebars, why wouldn't Chris just ride it in Kona?[/caption] If a bike is a bike is a bike, isn't salt just salt just salt.   I mean, have we really advanced so much in our racing / training that there may actually be something out there that is better!!!!! Can you guess the number one statement I must have heard a thousand times in the 3 days prior to Louisville, and that I still hear today?   "Nothing new for the race.  What I currently use works."   In the words of Milly Wade West who wasn't dare going to change her Electrolyte and Salt intake plan prior to Ironman Boulder.   "The salt was like rocket fuel, that altitude really threw a number on me but you saved me."  I spoke to Milly for at least 20 minutes at the expo explaining to her why capsules ultimately don't work, and why our product is better (more to come on that shortly).   She stated "my pills have never failed before."  I said "have you ever had a flat tire during a triathlon?"   She of course said "no."  I said "are you bringing a spare tube?"   "Yes"  "But if your tires have never failed you before, why bring a spare?"   I ask this of all our athletes who we speak to.  Why not bring a back up just in case?  Our product is like rocket fuel.   Why when you guys pass us on the course and you look like the walking death and your covered in white salt and your eyes are rolled back and glossy do you refuse to "try it?"  If you're on the verge of dropping out anyways, and / or you're barely walking, why don't you take the advice of Chris Lieto.  You've invested a year of your life, sacrificed everything to cross the finish line.  Why not invest $20, purchase some of our BASE Electrolyte Salt as a back up, put it in one of our race containers, and set 2 in your Bento Box for the bike and have 2 for the run.  Treat them like a spare tube.  "Just in case."  Follow your plan, until your plan fails.

To use our analogy from earlier, we have all seen the old beach cruiser, but wouldn't you rather experience the new wave and future in endurance racing

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]SaltComparison You could race an Ironman on your trusted beach cruiser. Sure, it will still get you to the finish line, but it's going to hurt a lot more than it has too.[/caption]


Below are 5 paragraphs from an article in the Harvard Health Publications regarding Sodium Intake.   Click HERE if you want to actually go to the article.

Make no mistake about it: salt is essential for human health. The average adult's body contains 250 grams (g) of sodium — less than 9 ounces, or about the amount in three or four saltshakers. Distributed throughout the body, salt is especially plentiful in body fluids ranging from blood, sweat, and tears to semen and urine.

Sodium is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, always bringing water along with it. It is the major mineral in plasma, the fluid component of blood, and in the fluids that bathe the body's cells. Without enough sodium, all these fluids would lose their water, causing dehydration, low blood pressure, and death.

Fortunately, it only takes a tiny amount of sodium to prevent this doomsday scenario; in fact, some isolated population groups manage perfectly well on just 200 mg a day. About one-quarter of the tongue's taste buds are devoted to recognizing salt; like other animals, humans can — and do — seek out salt when they need it. And when dietary salt is in short supply, the body can conserve nearly all its sodium, dramatically reducing the amount excreted in urine and shed in sweat. Remember that water always follows sodium, and you'll understand why your skin is dry and your urine scant and concentrated when you are dehydrated and conserving sodium.

To be sure its supply of salt and water is just right, the body has developed an elaborate series of controls. The blood vessels and brain signal the kidneys to retain or excrete sodium as needed; they also fine-tune the sensation of thirst so you'll provide water in amounts that match the body's sodium supply.

The body, in its wisdom, can make do with remarkably small amounts of sodium. But human behavior can thwart nature's checks and balances by taking in much more sodium than we need. The major consequence is a rise in blood pressure, which leads to a heightened risk of heart attack and stroke.

The BASE Performance Electrolyte Salt is absorbed through the tongue, gums, and mouth.  Read the article.   25% of the tongue is devoted to sodium. "Sodium chloride used as dietary salt has shown to cut back nitric oxide production. Nitric Oxide inhibits vascular smooth muscle contraction and growth.  Moderate to severe dehydration require solutions containing a larger percentage amount of sodium chloride than can not necessarily be found in sports drinks." (*Christin Tinkle, Research Scientist) So think about this.  WHY, when we put our bodies through Ironman hell for at least 10 hours, sometimes 17, do we swallow a pill, force it to travel 9 meters through our GI Tract, (it's 9 meters from your throat to your stomach) and hope our stomachs will break it down and send the sodium where it needs to go.  (The mouth receptors absorb 80% of the sodium while the stomach absorbs about 20%)   Look at your current salt capsule, see how many mg of sodium it has per pill, and do the math.  If it has 40 mg per pill, your body will absorb about 8 mg of sodium per pill (20%)   BASE Electrolyte Salt is 300 mg per serving. Ironman Louisville had 2000 athletes cross the finish line.   Of those 2000 athletes, 1200 ended up trying our product.  We were not able to keep up with everyone.   Below are the athletes who we were able to track and follow.   Over 120 athletes sent us messages telling us how amazing the product was, and how it was a game changer for their race.  Don't take my word for it, scroll down and read some of the comments in RED next to the athletes who made them. To make this fun (and let's face it, get you to scroll all the way to the bottom) all of my pictures from the weekend are at the bottom, and so is a special $25 off coupon code.  You spend hours upon hours training and racing.  You spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on this sport.   Take 5 more minutes and scroll to the bottom.   I can honestly tell you that you will appreciate what you're reading.   On the run course ready, willing and able to help you get through it.


The list below are the athletes who we met and gave BASE Products to on the run course. We wrote down their bib number so we could check to see how they finished.

Joe Pawlish, PA, M40-44, 09:34:43  Yeah, that was good stuff. Definitely needed that. I was starting to salt out. Thanks!!!

Brady Dehoust, VA, M35-39, 09:38:05

Jonathan Feddock, KY, M30-34, 09:56:22

Curt Cotner, MI, M40-44, 10:00:32  I did enjoy the product because it was very easy to use. I had used up most/all of my salt tabs so I was happy to see you out there. I still had the remaining 2/3's of second loop and it was to hot to be without salt. Thank you again, I appreciated the help.

Derk De Korver, CA, M30-34, 10:01:34  Really loved the product. Since it isn't in pill format you really notice the effect right away

Reid Foster, OK, M25-29, 10:02:54  Pre-race hydration consisted of base amino and salts, freshest I have ever felt before a race! Used the base amino for my on bike nutrition, helped sustain energy and slow muscle breakdown. the base salts on the run course prevented all cramping in Kona like conditions! Will definitely be using base products for my next big race!

Les Friesen, MB, M30-34, 10:03:46

Pablo Testa, Panama, M45-49, 10:05:51

Amy Javens, PA, FPRO, 10:07:16

Cindy Lewis, ON, FPRO, 10:11:41  Are you at IM Chatt? Just thinking about needing you on the run again. Lol.

Jim Kruse, FL, M35-39, 10:18:45  I used base Electrolyte salt for the first time at Ironman Louisville. I picked up a few of the tic Tak cases. That stuff is incredible! I'm from Florida so heat and humidity is a factor constantly while I train.   I know how performance suffers when the cramps set in from excessive heat and lack of sufficient salts.   I was pounding those tic Tak cases during the bike and to start the run and didn't cramp once. I'm definitely going to continue using your product. Next up...Ironman Florida in 7 weeks so need to get an order in to you soon.

Michael Tarabay, TX, M35-39, 10:20:46  Great product, I'd totally use it on all scorching IM courses. The other similar products are OK, but I find it tough swallow a horse pill when my body is turned inside out...

Torsten Deuter, Deutschland, M40-44,10:21:05

Rachel Jastrebsky, MA, FPRO, 10:23:23

Moeller Uwe, Hessen, M45-49, 10:25:24

Robert Taylor, SC, M50-54, 10:26:44  I used the Base Salt every mile on the marathon and it seemed to help. That was my first time using the product, and I would use it again in hot conditions.

Michel Saint-Cyr, MN, M45-49, 10:29:32

Niklas Sjoblom, CH, M30-34, 10:33:52

Matt Doutt, PA, M18-24, 10:36:08

Jason Soria, TX, M40-44, 10:37:15

Ron Trunick, OR, M45-49, 10:37:22

Ryan Althaus, KY, M30-34, 10:37:31  I actually really liked the product, id never done any type of salt b4... unfortunately i got to u all a little late but did notice a difference.

Carrie Mccoy, OH, F30-34, 10:40:23

Randall Howard, NY, M40-44, 10:42:06  Yeah, the Base Salt definitely got my through the heat at IM Louisville. Lets keep in touch with that!

Scott Kennedy, IN, M40-44, 10:45:13

Sam Martinez, GA, M45-49, 10:46:45

Jeremy Valentine, PA, M35-39, 10:49:10

Joey Romkey, NS, M25-29, 10:51:41

Jeffrey Maguire, ON, M35-39, 10:52:28

Seth Therrien, FL, M30-34, 10:53:13

Jeff Richmond, PA, M40-44, 10:53:19  Great product! I require a LARGE amount of electrolyte replacement during races and your product is by far the best. It's effective and easy to use without the 'rock gut' feeling that I normally experience using other products. The only 'hitch' that I experienced was with the cap popping off after the second use on the course. While I lost the cap on the fly, I was able to stuff the label into the container as a makeshift top until I had access to my special needs bag and pick up a replacement pack. Hopefully my experience with the top was an isolated incident, but regardless, I am a big fan and I will make BASE Performance an essential part of my race day kit.

Tyler Holliday, WV, M18-24, 10:54:35

Edward Toole, MA, M55-59, 10:55:24

Ami Hutchinson, WI, F25-29, 10:56:29

Tyler Cox, KY, M25-29, 10:57:01

Katie Robinson, FL, F30-34, 10:59:39

Gina Correll, CA, F45-49, 10:59:53  I raced Louisville yesterday. At the expo you introduced me to the Base salt "shaker" and I called my coach and he said "go for it".  I LOVED the stuff. It was so easy to use it and I never got dehydrated and actually came in first in my Age Group- so happy.

Cara Gaines, KY, F30-34, 11:01:17

Mark Baranko, IN, M30-34, 11:06:04

Josh Goldner, Israel, M40-44, 11:08:02

Andrew Lerner, NC, M35-39, 11:08:09

Bridget Hatch, NY, F35-39, 11:10:24

Liz Reinhart, OH, F18-24, 11:10:51

Artis Truett, KY, M50-54, 11:12:26

Jonah Biddick, NC, M35-39, 11:12:59

Chelsea Tiner, TX, F25-29, 11:14:22  I will be using in kona

Shaun Keegan, OH, M35-39, 11:17:45

Keith Booe, IN, M40-44, 11:24:25  Thank you for the salt. I love how you are marketing your business. Please feel free to tag me in your race report. I did like the salt. I had a terrible run compared to the last couple years in Louisville and I think the salt helped bring me back a little. I was cramping really badly by the time I saw you and felt like my legs came back after using your product.

Elyse Gallegos, TN, F25-29, 11:24:39  I took it in as preventative when I saw you guys.. Actually was telling my Ironman Chattanooga people about y'all, how brilliant to put salt in a 'tic-tac' holder!!

Jeffrey Dugan, NY, M30-34, 11:24:47  Your salt product rocks! Probably wouldn't have finished today without it.

Brian Meyer, IN, M45-49, 11:24:49  I loved the product

Paul Christman, PA, M50-54, 11:25:34

Candida Crasto, OH, F25-29, 11:27:42

Evan Culbert, IA, M18-24, 11:27:43  Loved base salt

Scott Mcneany, IN, M30-34, 11:28:11

Brendan Neary, NY, M25-29, 11:30:57  I did have a pleasant experience with your product. I am a big fan of salt and especially on such a beast of a day.   The product itself I can fully stand behind, the one suggestion that I would have for you and team base salt is to create some type of applicator. Something maybe similar to a test tube that is easily carried within a tri suit and can be tilted for the specific amount of salt needed. I have seen sugar dispensers that when you tilt it, it only gives you a specific serving size at a time. That would be ideal for me, something I can take out, tilt, ingest, wash down, and put back. Just one mans thoughts, but thanks again for the salt, it did wonders and appreciate the help out there.

Eric Stimach, MI, M45-49, 11:31:05

Sara Walker, DE, F18-24, 11:32:59  I absolutely loved the Electrolyte Salts, which I purchased from you on a whim the day prior to IMLOU. Never in my eleven and a half hours of racing did I feel fatigued to the point of no return, which is crucial in long course triathlon events. I felt that I had strong legs coming off the bike- a welcome but unanticipated surprise. I attribute that, in large part, to BASE electrolyte salts which I took every ten to fifteen minutes on the bike course and continued to take at every aid station on the run course. I was able to post a time that I did not believe I was capable of and owe a great deal of gratitude to BASE which I will certainly incorporate into my training from this point forward.

Daniel Barnes, LA, M30-34, 11:33:55

Tomek Bogdziewicz, OH, M40-44, 11:34:40

Michael Kilroe, IL, M45-49, 11:35:35

Joerg Domke, DEU, M50-54, 11:36:09

Tyler Dickinson, KY, M25-29, 11:36:12

Michael Benson, TX, M35-39, 11:36:50

Michael Courson, IN, M45-49, 11:37:36

Andrew Foudriat, NY, M18-24, 11:38:10

Samuel Rubin, NJ, M40-44, 11:38:12

Jonathan Nichols, TX, M18-24, 11:38:31

Vedran Kapic, MI, M35-39, 11:39:05

Darla Shinn, TX, F35-39, 11:39:52  Thanks for the help! Salt and amino made me feel much better!!!!

Ed Crossman, GA, M30-34, 11:39:59

Dewayne Roberson, NC, M50-54, 11:40:15

Rob Stratton, VA, M30-34, 11:40:24

Kris Zelinsky, ON, M35-39, 11:41:11

Kristoph Kocan, PA, M40-44, 11:41:45

Tracy Johns, FL, M45-49, 11:42:24

David Hanson, NC, M40-44, 11:43:58

Cliff Nurrenbern, IN, M30-34, 11:47:21

David Zaparanick, GA, M45-49, 11:47:30

Nick Ihde, MO, M35-39, 11:49:25

Matt Logan, NJ, M25-29, 11:49:34

Keith Couvillion, LA, M40-44, 11:49:38

Joshua Agent, MS, M25-29, 11:49:52  I believe y'all's salt got me through. I couldn't take in anymore food after mile 15 so I made it on water, y'all's salt, and coke!! Thank you!

Eugene Grib, IL, M30-34, 11:50:07

Stan Fivecoat, FL, M45-49, 11:51:16  The BASE salt definitely helped me hold on until it was cooler - I negative split the last half w/ only brief stops @ the aid stations for water to go with my BASE . The 1st half I progressively slowed down as the heat wore me out..

Derek Nordman, GA, M35-39, 11:51:19

Caroline Wilson, CA, F45-49, 11:52:03

Roberto Di Giovine, SC, M40-44, 11:52:06

Kim Gawrys, TN, F45-49, 11:52:13  Thanks for being out there, refilling my container, the cup of Amino as I headed down the homestretch and standing by your product and athletes!

Ben Bennett, AZ, M35-39, 11:55:13

Greg Carefoot, GA, M45-49, 11:55:23

Kimberly Baumgartner, VA, F35-39, 11:55:28  Kind of a funny story - my day was a comedy of errors, beginning with a busted speed suit zipper and culminating with a stress fracture in my left foot around mile 15 on the run....   Full version attached if you are ever bored! But I will definitely say that I ended up loving the product and can safely say it made a difference in my day! I had taken Base with me as a back up since I hadn't trained with it and on the bike when I went to reach for my salt pills, found the BASE container first and decided to give it a go, and ended up sticking with it all day...   I talk about some of that in my race report.   I am normally good in the heat - let me be clear - I don't enjoy it, but it does not effect me as badly as it effects others, and I like to use that to my advantage....   but even I was worried about that 97 degree heat index when I started the run. But run I did... taking Base every 3 or so miles, and at the beginning of the second lap, yes I was still really hot, but I felt MUCH better than I expected, and still somehow had to pee.... after all those miles in that ungodly heat - and I am a sweater - a salty sweater!!!! But I was still hydrated.... and even with a broken foot (which I actually knew was broken around mile 18 or 20) I still only walked the aid stations to get ice and water...     The only criticism I will give is that you need to come up with some other sort of dispenser, and I'm not sure what.... in a drier race, it wouldn't have been an issue, but my singlet was sooooo soaked with water that after shaking the containers, the top/sides were wet and they got crusty and wouldn't close completely.... which of course led to exploded salt containers in my back pocket. I grabbed a new one from you guys on the second loop, but even that one had exploded by the end of the race....     Thanks for all the support and best of luck to you!!

Grant Herdrich, MD, M30-34, 11:55:56  the salt was great on course. Salt was definitely needed on that hot day and using it was easier than even taking normal salt tabs.

Nick Gregory, FL, M25-29, 11:57:15

Doug Strickland, TN, M50-54, 11:57:22

Gwen Duhon, TN, F50-54, 12:00:39

Jodi Birdsong Ottman, HI, F40-44, 12:03:36  I had just regular packets of salt (like from restaurants) on me and in my special needs bag in case conditions conditions required them-which that day, they totally did! Instead I used your product! Was waay better and easier and helped me get to the finish though, it probably wasn't pretty!   Since I live in a hot humid environment (Maui, HI), I would love to get your product here! I'm running a marathon on Sun and the Honolulu in Dec. Both are usually hot and humid -   your product would be awesome!!

John Chinchen, MI, M18-24, 12:04:38

Martin Ovsjannikov, Intl, M40-44, 12:05:24

Ben Bly, IN, M25-29, 12:05:25

Bryan Den Hollander, MI, M18-24, 12:06:03

Lauren Frounfelker, GA, F25-29, 12:07:34

Baxter Krutsch, OH, M30-34, 12:08:33

Andrea Arlinghaus, OH, F30-34, 12:10:14

Chris Bain, TN, M35-39, 12:11:06  Want to give u a shout out for the salt during my IM Louisville race. A thumb lick did the trick . Thx guys!!

Walt Wepfer, TN, M18-24, 12:11:45

Nathan Stewart, KY, M45-49, 12:12:17

Sandra Ruhlman, NY, F40-44, 12:13:08

Shawna Eikenberry, IN, F40-44, 12:15:23

Christopher Keating, GA, M18-24, 12:15:39

Paul Schmude, MI, M35-39, 12:17:07

Tim Wellman, MD, M30-34, 12:17:07  The product worked fairly well as a compliment to regular salt tabs. The only issue expereiced, which is   difficult fix, a lot of clumping of the product. Also the lid failed and was hard to close after a while.

Lance Grenzow, MN, M25-29, 12:17:19

Zhengxin Li, Beijing, M45-49, 12:17:49

Jennifer Lovra, OH, F40-44, 12:17:56

Niel Brewer, GA, M50-54, 12:18:24

Pablo Bedano, IN, M35-39, 12:18:50

Rebecca Olszewski, MI, F35-39, 12:19:56

Michael Tucker, Hessen, M50-54, 12:21:13

Andrew Maynor, KY, M40-44, 12:21:17

Keith Thomas, MN, M40-44, 12:22:18

Brian Combs, NC, M35-39, 12:22:57

Jim Deruby, IN, M40-44, 12:23:26

Greg Bowen, AL, M18-24, 12:23:58

Eric Sato, IL, M40-44, 12:24:12

Andrew Hall, OH, M45-49, 12:24:17

Rachel Parrella, IN, F50-54, 12:24:26

Jeff Bredemeier, IN, M30-34, 12:25:03

Clay Leonard, LA, M40-44, 12:26:56

Bruce Schouten, ON, M50-54, 12:26:59  Your product worked well. Thanks.

Matt Schouten, ON, M18-24, 12:27:02

Todd Fleischhauer, ON, M45-49, 12:28:57

Adam Lauderdale, IL, M30-34, 12:29:04

Sacha Veillette, QC, M45-49, 12:29:08

Elizabeth Adkins, FL, F40-44, 12:29:23

J.D. Farquhar, ON, M40-44, 12:30:19

Jeffrey Yanke, IL, M40-44, 12:30:24

Gonzalo Geist Mauro, Argentina, M40-44, 12:30:43

Allen Hutchinson, MI, M40-44, 12:32:37

Linden Ferguson, KY, M35-39, 12:32:50  That stuff really got me thru to the end.

Lee Lockwood, KY, M35-39, 12:33:15

Conrad Schaffer, III, NJ, M45-49, 12:33:56

Jared Bierbaum, IL, M30-34, 12:34:08

Scott Robinson, NY, M45-49, 12:35:16

Wendy Johnson, OH, F45-49, 12:35:54

Paul Clark, KY, M25-29, 12:36:16

Vicki Griffin, KS, F45-49, 12:37:04

Jeremy Feitelson, IA, M40-44, 12:37:18

Tomasz Jankowski, OH, M50-54, 12:37:42

Patrick Carter, FL, M25-29, 12:37:51  I love the product! I def would be interested in ordering the product and using it during longer races/training.

Anthony Jadra, MD, M45-49, 12:38:15

Andrew Unsicker, IL, M35-39, 12:39:22

Joseph Scholz, NY, M30-34, 12:40:13

Nicole Sierra, FL, F30-34, 12:40:15

Jeremy Winter, AL, M18-24, 12:40:33

Jenny Vance, TN, F30-34, 12:40:38

Peter Reavey, NC, M45-49, 12:40:47

John Kilbride, MN, M45-49, 12:40:52

Duffy Smith, IL, M45-49, 12:40:54

Mike Tarrolly, TN, M50-54, 12:42:13

Michael Smith, NJ, M35-39, 12:42:14  I did like the product. Taste was good. Obviously, I thought it worked. Plus, it was pretty easy to use. I had issue taking on my regular product during the run.

Frank Castro, KY, M50-54, 12:42:26

Kyle Duckett, OH, M18-24, 12:43:57

Erin Paris, KY, F30-34, 12:44:25

Elise Hawkins, KY, F25-29, 12:45:20

Matt Lamb, PA, M35-39, 12:45:21

Patty Shoaf, NC, F40-44, 12:45:57

David Dallesandro, NY, M25-29, 12:46:07

Greg Fox, TN, M40-44, 12:46:12

Matthew Reagan, MT, M35-39, 12:46:26

Joana Riddick, TN, F30-34, 12:47:51  I used the base salt and it worked great for me. I didn't know about it until the race expo, so I was planning on taking salt pills, but even in training I was really bad at taking them, I forgot all the time, but with the salt, I got a little bit before each aid station, I liked the salty taste, I think it made easier to remember. I felt great and at the end of the race I was well hydrated and I think the salt helped me stay hydrated the entire race.

Ryan Combest, KY, M35-39, 12:48:09

Brett Miller, NE, M30-34, 12:48:21

Jose Beltran, FL, M35-39, 12:48:29

Joseph Wheatley, KY, M18-24, 12:48:54

Kenneth Mcdaniel, AL, M55-59, 12:50:31

Christopher Coffee, TX, M30-34, 12:50:40  I did like the product. Send me some info!

Kevin Thomas, NC, M40-44, 12:51:09

Adrian Valdivieso, CA, M35-39, 12:51:39

Joanne Cogle, GA, F30-34, 12:51:45  I loved this product. Saved my race and helped me PR by an hour. Only down side was that the box took in water since I was dumping water on myself so I ended up pouring what I could in my hand.

James Campbell, TN, M55-59, 12:51:48

Randy Jordan, GA, M50-54, 12:52:25  Thanks so much for the salt! I think it helped!

Maciej Litkowiec, MI, M45-49, 12:52:49

Kris Koch, IN, M35-39, 12:54:30

Daniel Ibarra, TLAHUAC, M45-49, 12:54:36

Mount Davis, Jr., IN, M40-44, 12:54:50

Jorge Valenzuela, IL, M35-39, 12:55:31

Keith Donoway, MD, M30-34, 12:55:50

Chad Crocker, SC, M35-39, 12:56:21

Sean Connelly, IL, M30-34, 12:57:22

Matt Levesque, NY, M25-29, 12:57:44  Yeah this stuff was awesome. I was skeptical about using salt in the first place and was given pills to try but decided to use your product instead. I never cramped. This was my first full IM and I pushed harder than I probably should have but I never cramped. It was a great day, thank you again

Peter Valles, OH, M35-39, 12:57:49

Julie Theroux, OH, F55-59, 12:58:45  I did like the product. I was taking salt tabs but I needed more.   I won my age group, so it worked!

Joni Moore, TX, F45-49, 12:59:39

Chipper Walters, GA, M35-39, 13:00:08

Chuck Ellison, AL, M50-54, 13:00:28

Rick Kimberlin, KY, M40-44, 13:01:20

John Mchugh, NY, M30-34, 13:01:59

Matt Koch, NE, M40-44, 13:02:20

William Ludwig, GA, M40-44, 13:03:21

Patrick Moore, FL, M30-34, 13:03:38

Elizabeth Acuna, IL, F30-34, 13:04:50

Victoria Bowe-Fisher, WI, F50-54, 13:05:03

Laura Cobb, OH, F30-34, 13:05:28

Ryan O'Shaughnessy, IN, M18-24, 13:05:45

Brian Wilson, OH, M30-34, 13:06:55

Joe Gitt, NC, M25-29, 13:06:58

Carter Mccall, TN, M18-24, 13:08:23

Brian Gittinger, OH, M35-39, 13:08:54

Phil Van Allen, IN, M45-49, 13:09:58

Douglas Kimes, CO, M35-39, 13:10:11

Mark Alexander, MI, M45-49, 13:10:22

Thorn Baccich, NC, M30-34, 13:10:58

Phil Hays, KY, M30-34, 13:12:15

Brooke Lannan, IN, F30-34, 13:12:22

Angie Briley, IN, F40-44, 13:12:29

Matt Fore, TN, M25-29, 13:13:25

Michal Kozinski, VA, M18-24, 13:14:03

Steven Gomez, IN, M18-24, 13:14:05

Chris Schmidt, KY, M40-44, 13:14:31

Shawn Bogan, MO, M40-44, 13:14:48

Lorenzo Uribe, CA, M30-34, 13:15:10

Cory Clark, KY, M45-49, 13:15:23

Brad Brown, MI, M35-39, 13:15:42

Enrique Morales, GA, M45-49, 13:15:57

Alicia Laubach, KY, F40-44, 13:16:12

Jami Holm, IN, F35-39, 13:17:37

Brad Shannon, IN, M25-29, 13:18:22

Philip Williams, FL, M18-24, 13:18:37

Andi Gote, DEU, M40-44, 13:20:35

Liviu Mera, IL, M30-34, 13:20:57  thanks for the salt It really help me

Christina Mandich, FL, F30-34, 13:21:42

Nick Garside, IN, M40-44, 13:22:48

Timothy Spurling, IN, M45-49, 13:24:18 I loved the Salt! I had already taken 30 Endurolytes and was still cramping every time I tried to run. I had two of your tic-tac containers and finally got over the cramps! I was able to run the last several miles at my 10K pace without any problems at all. Wish I had the Salt sooner!

Mike West, Great Britain, M50-54, 13:24:43

Kevin Parrella, NC, M50-54, 13:25:17  Bought two "Tic Tac" containers of salt from you on Saturday to supplement my plan (Endurolytes, Fizz). With the extreme conditions I was looking for an extra edge to supplement the massive loss of electrolytes that was sure to come. With my very novice, unscientific background I still understood that directly ingesting your "salt" couldn't hurt and once electrolyte depletion hit there was not catching up by taking a pill or gulping a drink. I used your Base salt on the back end of the bike but really hit it hard on the run. In will typically experience some degree of cramping in my long distance events but Louisville was an exception and in attribute that to many things but I believe Base was part of that reason. It was only my first use of the product but you have a repeat customer ready to give your products a shot!

Jeff Finch, PA, M50-54, 13:25:18

Damian Byrne, NS, M50-54, 13:26:08

Kira Hemminger, CA, F30-34, 13:26:14

Phil Smeigh, FL, M45-49, 13:27:09

Joseph Johnson, MS, M30-34, 13:27:31

Scott Mauk, TX, M40-44, 13:28:01

Mary Hall, OH, F18-24, 13:28:25

Connie Mann, IA, F50-54, 13:29:18

Reid Garrett, TN, M25-29, 13:29:19  I can honestly say that I had no idea how powerful your product was until I tried it. I thought I had my nutrition plan figured out - I had tested it in the heat. On race day I sweated much more than I thought and would have been in big trouble without Base Electrolyte Salt. Thanks for the support in the race!

Jackie Hurst, CA, F55-59, 13:30:17  have to say i probably wouldn't have finished the race without the BASE Electrolyte Salts. i'm guessing i had food poisoning and had MAJOR GI issues on the last half of the bike and all of the run. without the BASE Electrolyte Salts i no doubt would have had to stop the race.

Michael Kedzie, HI, M25-29, 13:30:22  The salt definitely saved me out on the course.

Bud Winn, TX, M25-29, 13:30:25  Your product worked well!

Joseph Costa, OH, M40-44, 13:30:27

Kathy Nichols, KY, F45-49, 13:30:27

Shad Syfert, MO, M40-44, 13:30:47

Ted Dyson, AB, M50-54, 13:32:03

Matias Honnen, 0, M35-39, 13:32:33

Corinne Cruz, TN, F50-54, 13:33:04

Christian Speas, NC, M40-44, 13:35:13

Tommy Rowland, KY, M40-44, 13:35:22

Bart Krotik, CO, M55-59, 13:35:25

Jesse White, MD, M25-29, 13:35:48

Nate Gerstle, OH, M30-34, 13:36:59

William Hackney, KY, M55-59, 13:37:04

Ken Render, MI, M50-54, 13:37:06

Brent Drake, TX, M35-39, 13:37:28

Andrew Kroeger, OH, M25-29, 13:38:07

Julie Palmer-Schuyler, MO, F45-49, 13:38:28

Kimberly Paez, FL, F30-34, 13:39:08

Adam Goss, AL, M35-39, 13:39:13

Brandon Goeman, KS, M35-39, 13:40:04

Arlie Ramirez, IL, M35-39, 13:40:47  After you gave me the salts tablets I ran my last miles in a fast pace. I recovered well and felt great after the race. Thanks.

Brian Hohensee, IL, M25-29, 13:40:51

Amanda Clark, KY, F35-39, 13:41:34

Drew Williams, AL, M18-24, 13:42:05

Alexander Materna, NJ, M30-34, 13:43:04

Jacob Funk, KY, M30-34, 13:43:11  the entire run i was sharing my salts and encouraging ppl to get some at your kiosk, i'm on board and ready to be an ambassador

Brent Morgan, KY, M45-49, 13:43:50  I did use the BASE you gave out.   Pretty sure it worked for me.   I was cramping pretty bad   when i started taking it.   Cramping did lessen in the last few miles. I will purchase some soon to incorporate into my training.

Jacqui Leclair, TX, F50-54, 13:44:17  Good to hear from my salt savior at I'M Louisville. Yes you may tag me and I'd like to say I loved the product you gave and appreciated your instructions on best way to use it. It was easy to carry and very helpful in that brutal humidity race day. THANK YOU!!!

Mike Bailey, VA, M30-34, 13:45:08

Steve Caws, ON, M60-64, 13:46:30

Louis Rocco, PA, M40-44, 13:46:56  Great product

Rich Shaffer, PA, M45-49, 13:47:42  Base saved my ass. Thanks for being at IMLOU and having a great product.

Timothy Tincher, AL, M25-29, 13:47:44

Susan Milligan, MI, F55-59, 13:48:14

Jill Kralovanec, FL, F45-49, 13:48:55  Loved that stuff!

Joseph Couvillon, FL, M35-39, 13:49:44

Xiaojian Li, IL, M35-39, 13:50:10

Juan Findley, IL, M35-39, 13:50:32  Product was good!

John Wray, VA, M45-49, 13:50:51

Ken Lanning, MO, M40-44, 13:51:00

Gustavo Illescas, NC, M35-39, 13:51:44

Shelly Hammons, KY, F30-34, 13:52:45

Kenneth Houghton, SC, M45-49, 13:53:03

Bryan Beck, MO, M40-44, 13:54:43

Jennifer O’Donnell, CO, F40-44, 13:55:33  Thanks for the salt at IMLOU!!! It worked wonders

Devlin O’Connor, IL, M30-34, 13:55:58

Toni Daniels, MI, F35-39, 13:56:55

Braden Drake, IN, M25-29, 13:56:58  You gave me salt at Louisville. I was hesitant, but you now have a new customer

Giancarlo Nisimblat, TX, M45-49, 13:57:13

Zechariah Rumsey, KY, M18-24, 13:57:21

Neil Burcroff, MI, M55-59, 13:57:50

Matthew Stearly, KY, M40-44, 13:58:18

Nicole Schile, KS, F30-34, 13:58:25

Chris Calimano, NY, M30-34, 13:58:56

Clint Walker, FL, M45-49, 13:59:46


Ian Baird, NY, M35-39, 13:59:47

Matthew Jackson, IL, M30-34, 13:59:48

Julia Spencer, CO, F40-44, 13:59:59

Crayton Simmons, MD, M40-44, 14:01:04

Brian Dickhut, IL, M35-39, 14:02:23

Andrew Fiamengo, CT, M18-24, 14:03:33

Tara Guld-Fodor, NJ, F40-44, 14:03:47

Chase Cummins, NC, M25-29, 14:04:33

Samuel Grebe, GA, M30-34, 14:04:38

Mark Pashan, IL, M50-54, 14:05:07

Terrence Decker, MD, M30-34, 14:06:02  I think that the salt that you guys gave me really turned me around during my Ironman. I was in a very dark place and struggling pretty bad and I credit that salt for helping me get through the rest of that marathon.

Hugo Reyes, WA, M30-34, 14:06:34

Jesse Sharp, IN, M18-24, 14:06:45

Wesley Morris, KY, M30-34, 14:07:22

Terrie Tillman, GA, F45-49, 14:07:24

Holden Schay, TN, M18-24, 14:07:34  I really liked it

David Schay, TN, M50-54, 14:07:48

Macy Ross, IN, F35-39, 14:08:19

Carlos Hill, CO, M30-34, 14:08:33

Brent Wildman, IN, M60-64, 14:09:06

Randy Obryan, OK, M35-39, 14:09:20

Wiley Tolbert, MD, M45-49, 14:09:34  I've done Louisville 3 times now and that was by far the hardest race so thank you for the help!

Karah Osterberg, IL, F25-29, 14:09:43

Sean Ross, IL, M35-39, 14:09:44

Robert Dulski, IL, M25-29, 14:09:47

John Whitten, LA, M45-49, 14:10:34

Amanda Wright, TX, F30-34, 14:10:35

David Mansavage, CO, M25-29, 14:10:51

Ron Plantz, IN, M65-69, 14:11:11

Dustin Schmidt, WI, M25-29, 14:11:39

Whitney Rolf, TN, F25-29, 14:12:00  thanks for the Base!

Gerry Hubers, GA, M50-54, 14:12:48

Sarah Breisinger, PA, F30-34, 14:14:04

Doug Cole, VA, M50-54, 14:16:15

Marlon Harper, NM, M50-54, 14:16:17

Ed Petit, OH, M30-34, 14:17:56

Nicholas Fishter, PA, M25-29, 14:17:58

Ginny Roma, NJ, F30-34, 14:18:40  Hi! my name is Ginny Roma and I tried BASESALT in Louisville.... IT is AMAZING..So the rule is never .... ever try anything for the first time on race day, But I needed salt and you guys were standing right there! I will never use any other salt products, your stuff is crazy good! To make it even better I had a PR on the bike. You guys are awesome!!! thank you thank you.... THANK YOu!

Jared Rummel, IL, M30-34, 14:18:40

Nathan Proud, IN, M30-34, 14:19:10  And the salt worked great. I've cramped every marathon I've run, but I didn't cramp at all in the ironman. It's likely the salt that made the difference.  I ran eight marathons before Ironman Louisville. Every single one I cramped in my legs. I used your salt for a LOT more distance, time, and energy than a marathon and didn't even feel the precursors of cramping. Good stuff.

Linnea Housewright, MO, F50-54, 14:20:31

Derek Hackney, IL, M40-44, 14:21:01

Adam Serbert, TN, M30-34, 14:21:16

Sean Folk, OH, M40-44, 14:21:17

Mark Herson, ON, M18-24, 14:21:41  You guys were the main reason why I was able to sustain myself during IMLOU.... THANK YOU

Mark Dummer, AL, M50-54, 14:22:29

Cameron Cook, NC, M18-24, 14:23:17

Rachel Demuth, KY, F40-44, 14:23:43  My only complaint/feedback is that after visiting a porta-potty, the idea of licking my finger to get salt kinda grossed me out. Not enough to get me to stop using it, but still.

Jen Haskins, MO, F35-39, 14:24:36

Joel Busack, OH, M25-29, 14:24:40

Jessica Hance, FL, F35-39, 14:24:45

Jeff Eshelman, OH, M55-59, 14:27:57

Rob Schellenberg, FL, M35-39, 14:28:39

Scott Farrar, KY, M50-54, 14:29:49

Bob Nordman, MN, M60-64, 14:29:54

Marc Lavignette, IN, M30-34, 14:30:02  Thanks for the salt in Louisville. I got mine at the expo though. Salt worked well. Lost one container, but luckily you recommended I have backup.

David Burns, MO, M45-49, 14:30:23

Alissa Gindlesperger, MD, F35-39, 14:31:21

Deric Wheeler, WI, M40-44, 14:31:47

Mark Smith, IL, M45-49, 14:32:22

Brianna Newland, PA, F35-39, 14:32:23

Donald Bowles, GA, M50-54, 14:32:28

Angela Perrault, VA, F40-44, 14:35:13

Kristy Mescher, OH, F45-49, 14:36:08

John Beasley, GA, M45-49, 14:36:25

Jo-An Grane, IL, F55-59, 14:37:29  Awesome product! saved my arse big time! I recommend BIG TIME  Have been promoting to my fellow runner and tri friends. since I believe helped me get thru the run

Todd Roth, MO, M40-44, 14:37:51

Jeremy Carrus, FL, M35-39, 14:37:54

Raul De La Torre Garrote, OH, M35-39, 14:38:04

Mike Delzoppo, OH, M30-34, 14:38:30  Thx for the salt during the run. I never took salt tablets before the ironman, but I'm confident that your product helped me get through that hot day. After hearing you guys describe oral absorption vs stomach breakdown, I bought a couple containers at the expo. Took a thumb lick every 15 miles on the bike and every mile on the run until I realized that I lost my run container. I was feeling like I needed salt after a few miles without any and thankfully you guys were there. As feedback for you, my containers didn't close very well after the first use, but I'd still be a repeat customer.

Matthew Hall, FL, M35-39, 14:38:36 Thanks for BASE on the course. Think it helped me get my legs back after getting a bit dehydrated on the bike.

Jackie Mccarthy, VA, F35-39, 14:38:48  Your salt station at ‪#‎IMLOU‬ : clutch.   The salt was so helpful on our super-hot race day! Put some pep in my step and kept me going when I started to get sluggish.

Jessica Hollis, OH, F35-39, 14:38:59

Nina Gueorguieva, KY, F45-49, 14:39:18

Jason Linke, IN, M40-44, 14:39:40 I have to say that I loved your product in Louisville!! It was simple to use and easy on the stomach. I didn't experience any cramps throughout the day. Plus there was no awful stomach rot due to it just sitting on my stomach. I had never used BASE prior to Louisville, but it will be a staple in my training/racing from here on out!

Matt Smathers, GA, M40-44, 14:40:17

Mandy Midgett, NC, F40-44, 14:40:22

Marcy Bearden, IN, F35-39, 14:40:22

Daniel Tribble, TN, M18-24, 14:41:11  I wish I would of grabed it at mile 4 instead of mile 9 or whenever the first time through but I think it helpd! I never cramped, but my biggest issue was I just needed something that I could eat that didn't make my stomach too upset on the run. but I think the salt helped for sure.

Charlie Blum, TX, M55-59, 14:42:44

Matthew Kauffman, MO, M40-44, 14:42:52

Thomas Byrd, TX, M40-44, 14:44:05

Michelle Thomas, MO, F35-39, 14:44:16  I loved it. I won't workout without it now!

Matt Weaver, FL, M30-34, 14:44:57

Edward Kim, TN, M45-49, 14:45:15

Elton Cooper, SC, M50-54, 14:45:18

Ken Huber, OH, M35-39, 14:46:12

Ryan Simafranca, MN, M45-49, 14:46:13  Thank you for the base salt.   Absolutely loved the salt.   I have completed 6 ironman races and this is the first race that I didn't cramp in on either the bike or run.

Chris Berger, OH, M45-49, 14:46:42

Jason Reinhardt, TX, M40-44, 14:48:05

Josh Magruder, IN, M25-29, 14:49:06  Your product was amazing!! I didn't have a plan for salt intake when I arrived at Louisville. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon when I went to get a bike tube that I found your product. I know a lot of people say don't try anything new on race day but I also knew if I didn't have some kind of salt my race was gonna come to an end somewhere on the bike more than likely. On race day I used it regularly on the bike and I felt great by the time I got to T2. On the run I kept forgetting to use it until I cramped up right in front of your tent. From that moment on I used it a lot more and was able to pull out a decent finish. So overall I would recommend this product to anybody and I will use it at every race I compete in from now on.

Thomas Nunley, MI, M40-44, 14:49:17

Mike Harich, PA, M40-44, 14:49:40

Sarah Bell, OK, F35-39, 14:49:44

Dan Sibbernsen, MO, M30-34, 14:49:50

Veronica Golub, IL, F45-49, 14:49:53

Leslie Scrivener, GA, F45-49, 14:50:37

Santiago Gomez, NC, M35-39, 14:51:23

Daniel Oconnell, NY, M65-69, 14:52:01

Jim Maaske, IA, M50-54, 14:52:52

Logan Worley, IN, M30-34, 14:52:59

Rory Zimpelman, IN, M30-34, 14:53:02

Cameron Mahon, ON, M50-54, 14:55:18

Mike Reyna, NC, M30-34, 14:55:25

Jose Flores, TX, M45-49, 14:55:40  I did like the product... I actually love it cause I was expecting something nasty...I did try it 2 times during the race it helped a lot!... I made the youtube video min 9 on it, you can see I finished fresh...Thank you again man

Mike Pennington, SC, M25-29, 14:56:26  I had the fortune on finding you guys Friday at the expo. I bought 2 salts. Glad I did bc I dropped one on the bike and a rider behind me ran it over. I still recovered it. But it has a broken lid. I attribute my success/ completion of the race to following endurance nation's 4 keys to success and your salts definitely helped get me there.

Rob Hoyt, FL, M45-49, 14:57:27

Jason Dale, TN, M40-44, 14:57:58

Ashley Riebel, PA, F30-34, 14:58:40

Jade Ng, NY, F45-49, 14:59:55

James Cruse, OH, M30-34, 15:00:06

David Wootten, TN, M50-54, 15:00:13

Abel Ernstberger, IN, M30-34, 15:00:27

Brad Goewey, IL, M30-34, 15:01:06

David West, GA, M35-39, 15:02:31

Kathleen Laseter, FL, F50-54, 15:02:32

Chuck Compson, LA, M30-34, 15:02:46

Matthew Mcquilkin-Vida, ON, M25-29, 15:03:57

Christina Cooper, IN, F35-39, 15:05:19  I like the amino drink you had out there, that seemed to perk me up for a little bit. Your presence out there was much appreciated! You were enthusiastic and encouraging, thanks!

Catherine Peterson, ND, F30-34, 15:05:38

Paul France, VA, M45-49, 15:05:44

Michelle Greenfield, CO, F45-49, 15:07:14  I had trouble on the bike with either the endurolyte product or the Perform drink. I started using both of those and had not trained with them, and got stomach cramps. After a few hours I stopped using them. So I didn't want to use them on the run and I got some of your BASE. I used it each mile until the end. My feet were hot and swollen either from the heat, the salt or overhydration... not sure. But I did finish the race, my first 140.3, with no cramping, no dehydration or bonking, so I think the BASE helped overall.

Carlos Gorina, WI, M25-29, 15:07:44

Heather Freeman, CO, F35-39, 15:07:49

Fernando Balmaceda, TN, M40-44, 15:08:29

Gabrielle Torres, VA, F30-34, 15:08:46  You, and whoever else was at the booth with you and your product, SAVED my Ironman run. I was going to look for you today, so I can 1. thank you and 2. because I'm a blogger and wanted to write about y'all and see if you take ambassadors or ever send any product samples for people to test and write about. I mean, obviously I have my IMLV testimonial but I'd love to use BASE as I train for the Marine Corps Marathon. Seriously though, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. I walked some, but then I was actually able to run/walk from mile 19 to the finish. I went from considering a DNF to coming in 8 min after my goal time. You guys are my heroes! -Gabi

Carolyn Zilberman, NJ, F40-44, 15:09:26

Justin Marchesi, NY, M30-34, 15:09:30

Bryan Kilday, TN, M30-34, 15:10:17

Steve Van Camp, KY, M45-49, 15:10:59

Darrell Liesen, IL, M40-44, 15:11:33

Manny Rivera, IL, M35-39, 15:12:12  I too was a little skeptical, not of using salt, but of this product. I bought the BASE Electrolyte Salt the night prior to the race, to take the place of pills I had planned on using. BASE Electrolyte salt was a life saver, I stored it beneath the elastic band on my left leg of my shorts for quick easy access. It worked wonders! It worked well with my nutrition plan on the bike and saved my life on the run. 

Shane Curtis, VA, M45-49, 15:13:17

Michael Fortuna, FL, M45-49, 15:14:05

Sarah Gustat, WA, F30-34, 15:14:33  Love the product. Coming from the PNW, I am not used to the humidity/heat of Louisville. BASE really helped me fight some of the effects, and complete my first Ironman.

Tony Robertson, KY, M50-54, 15:14:43

Liz Alles, IN, F30-34, 15:14:44

James Williams, TN, M40-44, 15:16:01

Cobbie Behrend, WI, M40-44, 15:17:19 I thought it was just plain salt.   I saw you full those but didn't put two and two and two together till after the race. It worked so much better than s caps or p from hammer. I run a fair number of ultras and will for sure check this out. I'll be at the rodeo beach 50k next and want to give it another try.

Tom Emerson, IN, M55-59, 15:17:32

Chris Anderson, NY, M45-49, 15:17:42

Ed Talbott, KY, M50-54, 15:17:45

Terri Menghini, MO, F45-49, 15:17:48

Josh Wildman, IN, M35-39, 15:18:21

Kris Latz, IL, M25-29, 15:18:58

Joshua Pauls, FL, M18-24, 15:19:05 I used and loved the salt. It was a great surprise as the course was winding down.

Richard Barbaro, NC, M60-64, 15:19:18

Cal Walsh, TX, M25-29, 15:19:24

Edward Duong, KY, M45-49, 15:20:29

Alonso Salinas, veracruz, M18-24, 15:20:51

Kenny Claffey, NC, M50-54, 15:20:59

Michael Williams, LA, M40-44, 15:21:26

Matthew Rivera, IA, M40-44, 15:21:29

Jason Fadely, GA, M40-44, 15:21:47

Rachel Sierminski, IL, F30-34, 15:23:36  Just wanted to let you know that you guys may have really helped save my race. My first mile on the “run” took me 20 minutes. I’m no elite, but a pretty decent runner.   No bueno. When I got to your tent you asked what I was doing for salt and I had nothing to answer. Obviously I have no way of knowing for sure if it was the BASE Salt that helped me get to a run/walk, but I did start to feel better after that. I’d definitely try it again.

Rodney Bradburn, IN, M40-44, 15:24:19

Leslie Wildman, IN, F35-39, 15:26:02  Absolutely loVed it!!

Ashley Allred, NC, F25-29, 15:26:20

Aaron Wright, GA, M30-34, 15:26:43

Nelson Rodriguez, GA, M55-59, 15:27:00

Joseph Verdicchio, NC, M40-44, 15:27:30

Greg Wismer, OR, M50-54, 15:27:43

Maurice Culley, TX, M40-44, 15:28:08

Eric Bannon, KY, M40-44, 15:30:05  I think the product is worth using. I was severely dehydrated race day so not much helped till the IV after finishing. I did drop my container of Enduralytes in a porta pot. Wasn't picking them up! Lol! Thankfully I had Base salt.

Bill Gutierrez, TX, M45-49, 15:30:49

Pierre Van Wyk, IL, M55-59, 15:31:36

Lonnie Welsh, MN, M30-34, 15:31:39

Stefany Critelli, NY, F45-49, 15:31:58  I think the Salt really helped:-)

Thomas Hallett, OH, M40-44, 15:32:03

David Alport, NJ, M45-49, 15:32:19

Lizzy Dickey, CT, F25-29, 15:32:45

John Kavouris, IL, M50-54, 15:33:05

Migdalia Sepulveda, IL, F45-49, 15:34:30

Elizabeth Lulich, MI, F40-44, 15:34:52  I was the one who told you I was doing lines of salt off my aero bars. I LOVED your product and will help promote any way I can. I have to admit, I thought it was a little sketch when I paid $5 a piece for a Tic Tac container of salt... but I probably would have paid $50 on the bike course when I started to cramp.

Tony Czysczon, IL, M40-44, 15:35:58

Chris Hayes, OH, M45-49, 15:36:52

Karen Vollan, NV, F45-49, 15:37:40

Don Mcneil, VA, M40-44, 15:38:08

Erin Sheehan, NY, F25-29, 15:39:15

Ross Wimer, IN, M30-34, 15:40:36

Brian Lloyd, OH, M25-29, 15:41:20

Muna Rodriguez, TN, F35-39, 15:42:09

Kevin Jones, SD, M45-49, 15:42:57

Jeff Whittard, ON, M35-39, 15:43:25


Shad Tidler, IN, M35-39, 15:43:47

Paul Huffman, OH, M25-29, 15:44:51

James Brusse, ID, M45-49, 15:45:27

Scott Blackburn, SC, M45-49, 15:46:59

Scott Smith, MI, M35-39, 15:47:34

Michael Pluimer, MN, M40-44, 15:48:17

Andrew Metz, NY, M50-54, 15:48:46

Jasper Wallace, AK, F30-34, 15:48:49

Gregory Smith, GA, M40-44, 15:48:51

Felicia Leray, GA, F40-44, 15:49:30

Thomas Beamish, TN, M18-24, 15:50:08

Georgeta Gruescu, WA, F40-44, 15:50:11  I bought and used your product! I definitely could tell the difference; I love it and will continue to use it for my next races!

Adrian Combs, TX, M30-34, 15:51:05

Janell Pennington, SC, F25-29, 15:51:29  Loved the product. Couldn't have finished without it! Easy to use and small.

William Plichta, IL, M45-49, 15:53:08

Wilfredo Galarza, PA, M45-49, 15:53:20

Jeremiah Deckard, IN, M25-29, 15:54:17

Jill Bellush, PA, F45-49, 15:55:11

Jeff Sahm, MO, M45-49, 15:55:23

Mary Puchades, FL, F50-54, 15:56:36

Tom Schwarber, OH, M45-49, 15:56:52

Michael Delorenzo, NY, M30-34, 15:57:40

Martin Weiss, MD, M35-39, 15:58:07

Ryan Carlson, FL, M30-34, 15:58:29

Jim Barron, MI, M45-49, 15:58:38

Gaja Siveswaran, ON, M18-24, 15:59:29

Kolburn Conway, TX, M50-54, 15:59:43

James Terronez, IL, M40-44, 16:00:13

Alexandre Hebert, QC, M35-39, 16:00:18

Jacob Houser, TN, M18-24, 16:02:16

Kelly Johnston, IL, F35-39, 16:03:48  It definitely helped and was much appreciated.

Shawn Husband, AR, M40-44, 16:05:02

Gabriel Larios, CA, M40-44, 16:05:14

Tim Carroll, OH, M45-49, 16:05:39

Ryan Coll, TN, M18-24, 16:06:14

Ricardo Sanchez, FL, M50-54, 16:06:18  the product it was a life saver that day.

Jeffrey Schnell, KY, M30-34, 16:06:54

Joe Courtright, NC, M25-29, 16:07:33  That stuff saved me. I lost all of my endurolytes about mile 30 on the bike, so I was struggling to even get started on the run. That gave me enough of a kick start and started me back in the right direction, so I could finish. I held that salt canister all the way to the finish. Thank you so much for helping me out with the race. I doubt I would have finished without that.

Camiron Pfenning, TN, F35-39, 16:08:07Thank you so much for much for taking care of me and keeping me literally from ending up at the ER yesterday. I was able to finish the race with many more episodes of vomiting, but did it while licking salt off my hand.   I'm trying to be much better prepared for next time. I recall in my dizzy state of mind you mentioning the Base Performance electrolyte salt in a tic tac jar?? Thanks so much. I can use all the help I can get for Kona

Blake Trachtenberg, MO, M18-24, 16:08:14

Bryan Mcmahan, OH, M45-49, 16:08:32

Vince Lowman, TN, M35-39, 16:08:44

Lee Hardiman, none, M25-29, 16:09:13

Nick Wigginton, AL, M25-29, 16:09:32

Heather Ruger, NY, F40-44, 16:09:46

Roger Parker, OH, M40-44, 16:10:12

Wayne Armitage, CA, M40-44, 16:10:19

Dane Bates, MN, M25-29, 16:10:46

David Tilton, MN, M25-29, 16:10:59

Jeffrey Isaac, MN, M25-29, 16:11:02

Zackary Knoebel, GA, M30-34, 16:11:05

Cindy Poindexter, WA, F40-44, 16:11:11

Ari Zagdanski, ON, M18-24, 16:11:21

Lauren Fohl, IN, F25-29, 16:11:29

Greta Slater, IN, F45-49, 16:12:03  That stuff saved me. I only wish I had continued to use it after mile 10. I was in serious salt trouble, but for some reason, I didn't recognize it. My brain was foggy and I was SICK of salt in the second half. I was so dehydrated that I couldn't process very well and I only wanted ice water. If I had it to do over, I would have asked to fill both water bottles with the liquid base salt and I suspect I would have finished an hour or two faster. Next time? Where can we get the stuff?

Alison Marovskis, ON, F35-39, 16:12:50

Penghui Zhou, MA, M18-24, 16:13:36  I liked the salt - it was awesome and it definitely helped.

Patrick Warrington, TX, M45-49, 16:14:25

Scott Perry, AL, M40-44, 16:14:53

Mike Carter, IN, M35-39, 16:15:07

Brad Debnar, IL, M25-29, 16:15:38  Loved the product, great taste and better results.

Brian Schoenig, NJ, M25-29, 16:16:15

Ken Ildefonso, MN, M25-29, 16:16:25  Wanted to let you know thought the product worked great. I pretty much eat salt tabs on race day like its my job. The product is convenient, cheap, and most importantly it works. That being said it is a little harsh on the tongue. My tongue became irritated pretty raw. I began to place the salt on the inside of my cheek. Exercise bouts really won't get any longer than an ironman for most people. I've been in contact with my team back home in CT and I gave my coach your website and he is going to try and push the product to club members through his gym. I did tell him I recommend alternating left and right cheek when using it but other than that, completely satisfied.


Julie Decker, GA, F30-34, 16:17:48  I have been using Base Performance Salts for almost a year now, after having a fellow ultra runner give me some of his salts in a 50k race in January, saving me from a DNF and possible med tent visit. I devised my entire nutrition plan for Ironman Louisville around BASE salts, and even with the high heat index over 105 degrees, I had no issues with my electrolytes and as a result, not one GI/Nutrition issue the entire day. I was able to enjoy my first Ironman without any fear of GI distress, cramping, or dehydration due to BASE Salts. They are a miracle for endurance sports, having done 22 marathons and 3 ultras, BASE is a game changer for me and I will never use anything else.

William Weber, OH, M25-29, 16:18:19

Erin Sola, PA, F35-39, 16:18:27  Loved the product....I also bought from you@   the expo.....

Jessica Zetcher, MO, F30-34, 16:18:54  Thank you so much for saving me at IM Louisville. Your product Base is amazing! It got me to the finish line. I will always use it from now on. You got me to finish with the salt.

Faith Morales, OR, F50-54, 16:19:09 You guys are the best you encouraged me and gave me salt.....I am so happy and I will promote your product because I believe in it and in you guys Thank you for making my race day special! Gracias,Faith

Michele Savedge, VA, F40-44, 16:19:39 The product worked great and helped.. Especially during run:)

Scot Bearup, TN, M45-49, 16:21:07Lois Roegge, MO, F45-49, 16:20:28  I did like the product and was glad to find it on the course. I took in plenty of salt sticks on the bike, but didn't leave myself any for the run, and with it being as hot as it was, I think the extra salt on the run was a very, very good idea!

Damian Koob, MI, M35-39, 16:22:16

Jeff Parker, CA, M35-39, 16:22:52

Isaac Miller, IL, M18-24, 16:23:10

Pamela Coleman, DC, F55-59, 16:24:17

John Jordan, FL, M50-54, 16:24:58

Ryan Frisbie, MN, M18-24, 16:25:07 I think the product worked well.

David Roher, NJ, M45-49, 16:26:07

Jason Teele, NJ, M40-44, 16:26:31

Juan Ulloa, CA, M30-34, 16:26:58

Carlos Mendia, KY, M50-54, 16:27:27  after race i did buy some BASE Electrolyte, I plan on using as part of my training

Kattie Maffeo, FL, F35-39, 16:27:34 I did make it by your booth at IMLV the salt was great! Much better then the salt tabs I was didn't upset my stomach like they do! I'm going to do a marathon this fall and an ultra in the spring, a half IM in July and I'm thinking about IMFL 2016? Not sure yet...thank you for all you do and showing up on the course supporting and cheering us on!

Kevin Maher, MO, M25-29, 16:27:36

Isabelle Gallouin, CO, F40-44, 16:27:45  I totally liked the product, I forgot to take it first half of the bike but started every 15 minutes after this and it definitely kept me going, I was looking forward to it. Especially with the conditions we had in Louisville, it made a great difference.

Brian Fisher, WI, M50-54, 16:28:15

Brian Robertson, OH, M45-49, 16:28:31

Laura Marshall-Colling, GB, F30-34, 16:29:19

Don Borowski, GA, M45-49, 16:30:18

Christy Dillard, IL, F50-54, 16:31:06  That is great! I have only ever taken in infinit & gels. I was telling a friend of mine about it who will be running Tucson marathon in December. Would definitely like more info on your product!!

Luis Pozzolo, KY, M40-44, 16:33:00

Michael Ohearn, KY, M55-59, 16:33:18

Dino Romito, FL, M55-59, 16:34:20  results A+

Kelly Hill, AB, F45-49, 16:34:22

Mike Bucher, OH, M50-54, 16:34:47

Larissa Lewis, CA, F25-29, 16:35:26

David Lecko, MO, M25-29, 16:35:38

Elisha Wyrsch, AZ, F18-24, 16:35:59

Susanne Nordman, GA, F40-44, 16:35:59

Rachel Labella, VA, F18-24, 16:37:48

Allison Balch, MO, F25-29, 16:38:10

Sean Gumbert, FL, M40-44, 16:40:25

Sarah Murray, KY, F45-49, 16:40:26

Ginger Wuebker, OH, F45-49, 16:41:20  Matt, that BASE electrolyte salt saved my race. I was really overheated and dehydrated when I got off the bike and fought a deficit for the first have of the marathon. I greatly appreciate you sharing it with me.

Richard Fearnside, TX, M40-44, 16:43:55

Jamie Ciganek, IL, F45-49, 16:46:52

Steve Lewis, IN, M45-49, 16:47:23

Mark Wallace, TN, M25-29, 16:48:28

Michelle Bolhuis, FL, F50-54, 16:49:00

Marat Tsofin, ON, M40-44, 16:49:33

Tom Bettler, IN, M35-39, 16:50:25

Traci Schommer, OH, F40-44, 16:53:01  Thank you and yes I love the product.

Tammie Manchester, TX, F45-49, 16:53:51

    Hanging with the midnight crew out on the IMLOU run course.

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