Ironman Boulder Race Report / $25 Off Coupon

August 11, 2014 2 Comments

IMG_3898It has to be said, Ironman races are always a test of strength: mental and physical.  However, Ironman Boulder was one of the more staggering  races we have been a part of.  The realization came on Friday that it was going to be unusually hot, and many of the athletes could suffer from dehydration and hyponatremia due to the unforeseen heat and conditions.

The bike course was dry, windless, and had a severe "altitude" problem that  would zap most athletes, no doubt.  We were proactive and strategically placed a small tent at mile 1, 8, 14, and 21, where salts were available to athletes 4 times on the course.  The real privilege was that many of you stopped ALL 4 times and spoke your thanks graciously.  We get it, that's why we're out there with you.
IM Boulder Tent on Run We chose our camp ground on the run course, based on necessity.   "Where will athletes start to cramp? Where will they start to lose focus?  Where will they need us?"   The response was overwhelming! IMG_3904 But don't just take our word for it:   we  had an uproar of written "thank yous" and "thank Gods" that our  BASE Friends and Family made at their race.   Their testimonies are highlighted  in RED below.     Check out what  athletes are sharing about  BASE Products. IMG_3909 Ironman races are not just a race.   It is a certificate of puissance.   It is a commitment to do something monumental, that maybe you never thought possible.   You did it.  You did it well.   You sacrificed a lot to get there and we are happy to share the journey. As a gift to you, for your accomplishment at Ironman Boulder, we are offering a $25 off coupon to everyone from now until Friday, August 15, by 9 pm CST.  Just scroll up to "supplements" tab at the top of the page, click your favorite duo, enter the coupon code "ironman14"  at checkout.  DONE.  You must purchase at least 2 items.    After all the work you have done, this is the easy part.   We're a family here at BASE so we encourage you to share this code with all of your families and friends as well.  Know anyone racing Ironman Louisville, Maryland, Chattanooga?   Share it with them too!


As promised, below are the testimonies of everyday athletes that shared their stories with us and how BASE saved their journey to becoming an Ironman! Congrats to all of our BASE Friends who competed, you are now an IRONMAN. BILLY EDWARDS 9:19:40 STATE: CO RANDY MAST 9:29:08 STATE: CO Dan Bronstein, 09:53:56, M35-39, SHAWN PARSONS 10:18:41 STATE: CO Theodore Eberts, 10:19:16, M18-24, CO BOBBY KORKOW 10:21:50 STATE: NE Brian Scott, 10:23:53, M40-44, CO Michelle Harburg, 10:26:05, F30-34, DC Francois Le Crom, 10:27:07, M40-44, France Stefan Pollmann, 10:42:32, M45-49, Intl State JENNIFER SCHAFFNER 10:43:33 STATE: CO BIB# 177 Julie Olsen-Smith, 10:53:13, F30-34, CO That salt saved me too.. Even as an experienced racer, I really underestimated my electrolyte needs..thanks!! Andres Pineda, 10:55:56, M35-39, FL Looked for you on my way back but didnt see you. Lost my salt pills on my bike so you really saved my run! The container was really  easy to handle and the performance was positively impacted. Really appreciated your 50mt run with me as well! Wow and i am humbled by the fact that the president of base saved my race. Thats a cool story! Hahah...  Please go ahead and tag and if you would like any testimonial i would be more than happy to help as well.  Loved your product! Dont tell the guys at “xxxxxx” but i am going base for all my training/races going forward.  great running with you matt! And congratulations on a fantastic product.  cheers from el Salvador Kevin Edwards, 10:58:52, M55-59, CO Trent Stephens, 11:00:30, M40-44, TX Matt Clifford, 11:00:49, M25-29, CA Thomas Falk, 11:05:08, M50-54, CO Seth Wright, 11:08:26, M40-44, CO John Freaney, 11:11:44, M30-34, CO Tony Dragan, 11:18:59, M45-49, CO David Sherrier, 11:19:00, M18-24, SC Ryan Foote, 11:19:46, M30-34, CO Jay Oyer, 11:22:19, M40-44, CO Alyssa Godesky, 11:27.37, Pro, VA As a pro (bib # 24) you'd think my nutrition would be all dialed in, but getting salt from you on course was a game changer!! I will not race again without it-thank you!!! Suzie Olsen, 11:30:05, F40-44, MI Greg Wiegand, 11:30:51, M40-44, WI Alec Rhodes, 11:31:32, M40-44, CO Jaron Ball, 11:38:00, M30-34, CO Nermin Hairlahovic, 11:40:07, M35-39, OK Toby Nishikawa, 11:41:28, F40-44, UT ZACHARY CEPAK 11:43:40 M 25-29 CO Thanks for the salt! The tit tac jar is fantastic for handling. It fit perfectly on my shoulder even with moving my shirt around pouring ice down the collar. Jeff Bennett, 11:45:31, 45-49, TX MATT JACKSON 11:46:47 M 35-39 TX ALDRIN TORRES 11:48:28 M 35-39 GA BRAD FAWCETT 11:48:47 M 45-49 CO BENJAMIN GHERARDI 11:49:07: AZ PETER ZELKEN 11:49:20 M 30-34 CT OMAR MUBARAK 11:50:48 CO BROOKS GREENE 11:50:57 M30-34 NE CESAR RAMIREZ 11:51:22 M 35-39 Hey Matt!  Thanks for all you guys done for us last Sunday. I really appreciate!  Your salt really help me a lot for finished my race without cramps' thanks again and yes! MARK MCNELLIS 11:51:29 M 45-49 NM Heather Blackiston, 11:53:33, F25-29, AR David Weitz, 11:53:45, M45-49, CO Nathan Winslow, 11:55:00, M45-49, IN Your salt saved me on Sunday.  I avoided your table until I started heading back west on the second lap of the marathon.  I had exhausted all of the Salt Tablets that I carried on the run (and earlier on the bike).   I was using a combination of Metasalts and Enduralytes and I think I must have consumed 35 over the course of the day.  Starting to cramp at the beginning of the second lap of the marathon, I desperately stopped at your tent.  My cramps went away almost immediately and did not return.  I ran the last 2 miles of the marathon at an 8:30 pace... Travis Cooper, 11:55:11, M35-39, CO Cheryl Chaney, 11:55:57, F50-54, OH George Cespedes, 11:56:24, M50-54, CO Brian Abraham, 11:57:19, M35-39, CA Bryan Journey, 11:57:56, M25-29, OK Kurt Mellick, 11:58:11, M45-49, CA NK Martin, 11:59:20, M45-49, IL Cary Kinross-Wright, 12:03:55, F40-44, CO Jeff Hocker, 12:07:13, M45-49, CO Lee Rebodos, 12:07:53, M45-49, TX Tim Behrens, 12:07:55, M40-44, CA Patrick Wiley, 12:08:21, M30-34, CO Kelley Anz, 12:09:30, F35-39, TX I actually used base salt in my Infinit in the bike and in one water bottle with Infinit and salt in the run. Due to injury, I hadn't run outside in over two months before the IM. So I took it really easy in the run and felt great. When I saw the salt, I figured it had helped so much thus far, what the hell? And other than the 6 pounds that I gained (as I do after every really long workout with salt) it is awesome. I lose it over about 5-7 days so I'm almost not puffy anymore. Great product & great dispenser. Hope ur at longhorn HIM. Chad Michaelson, 12:10:57,M45-49  CO, Jawn Angus, 12:12:45, M35-39, AZ Hugh Manning, 12:15:24, M45-49, CO Greg Hohenberger, 12:15:45, M35-39, MI Margie Williams, 12:16:40, F50-54, CO Aaron Waggoner, 12:17:46, M35-39, CO Todd Varra, 12:21:48, M50-54, CO Andrew Chernaik, 12:22:07, M40-44, CO Carl Schmidtlein, 12:22:56, M40-44, CO EDUARDO RAMIREZ 12:23:56 Levi Rose, 12:27:17, M30-34, CO Andy Nazworth, 12:29:01, M50-54, MD Robert Morse, 12:30:02, M40-44, MI Donavon Lewis, 12:30:19, M35-39, MS Vincent Trinquesse, 12:30:24, M50-54, CO Triny Willerton, 12:31:20, F40-44, TX Robert Derick, 12:31:47, M50-54, OH Paul Zetocha, 12:31:53, M50-54, NM Thanks for the salt.  I didn't have any cramping issues the last half of the run so it seemed to help. Kevin Belden, 12:32:02, M50-54, CO Gerald Jomrich, 12:33:41, M40-44, NY Derek Thrush, 12:34:43, M35-39, MT Eric Homestead, 12:35:13, M30-34, CO Jeremy Trembly, 12:35:20, M40-44, CO I'm more than willing to endorse your product, my wife really liked your product. Jeffrey Franke, 12:35:23, M40-44, CO Jim Mayo, 12:35:35, M40-44, CO James Schramm, 12:36:30, M30-34, UT Stephen Kunst, 12:37:23, M30-34, MI Chris Lepore, 12:38:10, M40-44, GA Kris Kuckenbaker, 12:38:54, M40-44, CO Rob Collins, 12:39.24 M 45-49 CO Deborah Janssen, 12:39:39, F30-34, CO NIGEL WILLERTON 12:39:48 TX Rob Forister, 12:39:51, M50-54, WY David Alden, 12:39:52, M50-54, WY Sarah Ramey, 12:39:58, F30-34, TX I told Matt Miller he saved me out there here is why! I left my salt sticks in my T2 bag I wasn't feeling bad…YET!! And when I saw you on loop 1 I was so thankful bc I knew I would need the salt/electrolytes. I was able to PR the IM marathon and it allowed me to PR the full IM by 50 minutes! Thank you so much and you have a customer for the future! Then salt on thumb is 100 times easier and quicker acting than a tab or salt stick. Ben Levario, 12:40:17, M45-49, TX Steven Montoya, 12:40:24, M35-39, NM Matthew Marlar, 12:40:29, M35-39, CO Earl Weeks, 12:42:23, M45-49, TX Kevin Callahan, 12:43:13, M40-44, CO Phillip Baird, 12:43:34, M30-34, AB Wendy Rauch, 12:44:01, F45-49, WI Allison Koch, 12:44:28, F18-24, IA Stuart Simon, 12:45:22, M50-54, CA Shawn Deboer, 12:46:22, M50-54, WI Katherine Smith, 12:47:23, F18-24, CO Stu Galvis, 12:47:27, M30-34, CO William Spencer, 12:48:35, M45-49, CO Julie Mayo, 12:48:42, F35-39, CO I came short on the tablets by mile 20 so thank you for providing it out on the course. Phillip Cox, 12:49:55, M40-44, OK Craig Gingell, 12:52:04, M35-39, MD Carlos Llorca, 12:52:41, M45-49, Intl State Nicolette Clark, 12:52:49, F30-34, CO Thank you so much for being out there! You were a lifesaver! Marjie Hemstreet, 12:55:41, F50-54, CO Robert Lew, 12:56:34, M25-29, CA Milly Wade-West, 12:56:44, F18-24, CT Thanks matt! The salt was like rocket fuel, that altitude really threw a number on me but you saved me. Ended up fourth page AG pretty happy for a training race, my goal race is september. I would love to promote your products, really amazing and i will forward you a link to my race report on my website when j have it up-you will definitely be mentioned!!! Tim Tracy, 12:58:03, M35-39, CO Greg Ausley, 13:00:42, M45-49, CO Herb Blecher, 13:00:43, M40-44, CO Eric Wood, 13:00:48, M30-34, CO Ashton Oltmanns, 13:01:01, F18-24, MO Eddie Rogers, 13:01:46, M30-34, CO Aimee Youngblood, 13:02:25, F35-39, CO I had salt tabs with me, but they got ruined as soon as I started dumping ice water on me. So, your salt was awesome and totally saved me! Thank you so much for being out there! Michael Mallow, 13:02:31, M45-49, CA Peter Cyr, 13:03:59, M25-29, MN Derek Johnson, 13:04:18, M30-34, OH Kevin Mccutcheon, 13:04:28, M50-54, CO MICHAEL KERBER 13:04:29 Haley Lebsack, 13:04:30, F30-34, UT William Douglas Johnson, 13:04:47, M55-59, TX Teresa Gray, 13:06:08, F45-49, CO Matthew Greenberg, 13:07:54, M35-39, CO Kelly Malone, 13:07:56, M50-54, CO Dustin Joubert, 13:09:31, M25-29, TX Michele Trujillo-Veit, 13:10:14, 0, CO Your salt was a life saver, I am not able to drink the crap they serve on the run (Allergic) was really glad to have something handed to me that could replace what I was missing! Mo Gellar, 13:10:58, M50-54, CA Rose Diaz Buller, 13:12:53, F45-49, CO Kevin Mcnulty, 13:13:33, M45-49, CO Hey Matt...thanks so much for the salt. Last second in T2 I dumped my fuel belt and forgot I had my 30 salt pills in the belt. That was a near disaster. Your salt, and additional gathered along the route, saved me. Mandy Tik, 13:13:38, F35-39, 0 Nick Clark, 13:14:15, M35-39, CO Eric Depoto, 13:18:51, M40-44, NC Christopher Webb, 13:20:38, M40-44, PA Michael Geiger, 13:21:17, M35-39, CO Ned Parker, 13:21:25, M45-49, CO Chris Brammer, 13:21:28, M40-44, TX Denton Taylor, 13:21:49, M30-34, AZ Tammy Walters, 13:21:56, F45-49, TX Rob Archuleta, 13:22:11, M40-44, CO Paul Schon, 13:22:41, M50-54, MO Pearly Van Niekerk, 13:24:55, F35-39, CO Thank you for supporting us, whoever a little kid that was holding the salt sign was a serious hard worker;) Mark Dubois, 13:25:56, M50-54, UT Brian Gallagher, 13:26:13, M30-34, CO Jennifer Strunk, 13:27:28, F30-34, AZ Mike Heili, 13:27:48, M45-49, NE Ray Ward, 13:27:50, M55-59, TX Timothy Mason, 13:29:02, M65-69, CO COURTNEY MEIER 13:29:05 NZ GUALBERTO MATEOS PEREZ 13:29:10 M 45-49 Arthur Westphal, 13:29:18, M60-64, NJ Derick Page, 13:29:25, M40-44, CO Orrick Nepomuceno, 13:32:19, M45-49, CO Caleb Ware, 13:32:37, M35-39, CO Cliff Ho, 13:33:21, M45-49, NM Robert Ranney, 13:34:11, M25-29, CO Anna Daugherty, 13:34:32, F30-34, NY David Anderson, 13:34:43, M45-49, CO Lorena Toriello, 13:36:37, F55-59, Intl State Russell Marcus, 13:38:43, M30-34, CO William Janssen, 13:40:15, M40-44, CO Jeffrey Hill, 13:41:11, M45-49, TX Ryan Verchota, 13:41:15, M30-34, IL Patrick Logghe, 13:41:22, M35-39, ME Corris Randall, 13:41:25, M35-39, TX Karin Wollschlaeger, 13:41:34, F45-49, CO Wendy Sweet, 13:41:41, F35-39, CO I took 2 doses after I realized I lost my capsules, but pretty late in the game. Mile 20 and again at 22. I felt great after 22, was able to jog up to Eben J Fine, and RUN to the finish, clocking a final 9:18 split. Really helped, thanks guys. Brandon Williams, 13:41:47, M40-44, CO Kristin Reid, 13:42:50, F45-49, CO Thanks for being out there on Sunday. I think you probably saved a lot of people's races and prevented trips to medical and to the ER. I wanted to follow up with you to find out where I can purchase your product and how to use it to prevent feeling like I did on Sunday. I'm racing IMMD in 6 weeks and hope to have my electrolytes dialed in better. Robert Robinson, 13:43:23, M35-39, CO Heather Morin, 13:43:34, F40-44, PA Jennifer Tapner, 13:43:39, 0, NJ Jonathan Vose, 13:44:06, M45-49, NV Gabriel Espinola, 13:44:12, M30-34, VA Brook Brandt, 13:44:23, F35-39, CO TERRY KLISE 13:45:08  MT Sean Stedeford, 13:45:27, M30-34, CO Your salt  my butt in Boulder! Beth Broome, 13:46:29, F30-34, CO Chris Floerchinger, 13:47:11, M40-44, MO David Hill, 13:47:29, M50-54, AZ HELEN SUMMERFORD 13:48:09 MS Hey Matt! I bought the salt from you the day before the race and loved it. I emptied a tic tac box out like u said and poured some in it. It was very handy and easy to use. I always felt like I had good energy and relatively speaking felt "good". There is no way I could have choked down pills during that run, so the salt was awesome. I've already told my friends about it. Thank you so much! I plan to use it for ultras and marathons. ERIN DORNING 13:48:19  CO Ryan Barr, 13:48:28, M40-44, MO Liz Hill, 13:49:21, F40-44, AZ Nicole Burdge, 13:49:42, F40-44, MO Jarod Olds, 13:49:43, M30-34, TX Amy Black, 13:50:10, F30-34, CA Justin Smith, 13:51:14, M40-44, ND Dana Platin, 13:51:15, F40-44, CO Luke Oscarson, 13:51:21, M25-29, WI Karen Zenisek, 13:51:52, F50-54, IL Frances Atkins, 13:51:57, F35-39, NC Thank you for the salt and thank you for finding me.  That helped so much! I will be training for the new orleans half iron and louisville full (if i get in) next year, and am definitely interested in your product.  Thanks! Dickson Goulart, 13:51:59, M40-44, KS Stacy Black, 13:52:18, F50-54, CO Katie Eddins, 13:53:12, F45-49, OK Cale Stephens, 13:53:38, M35-39, IA Phil Burgess, 13:54:53, M40-44, CO Brian Seacat, 13:56:09, M30-34, OK Matthew Holt, 13:56:12, M50-54, NM Thomas Kissinger, 13:56:46, M50-54, CO David Miller, 13:56:52, M40-44, TN Jason Blake, 13:57:24, M40-44, CO Kari Ferlatte, 13:57:29, F40-44, Canada Jessica Flannery, 13:58:31, F40-44, CO Jeroen Verkerk, 13:58:38, M40-44, VA Shawn Talbott, 13:58:49, M45-49, UT Kerry Masock, 13:59:00, M25-29, CO JEAN KAUFMAN 13:59:58  FL Daniel Thompson, 14:00:14, M25-29, CA Thanks for being out on the Boulder course. The cheers and the salt really helped out. Man it was a tough day on the course. Russell Newell, 14:01:49, M40-44, CA Dan Huser, 14:02:33, M55-59, CA Chris Navin, 14:03:57, M30-34, IL Thanks as always Matt! The tic tac container trick worked great and really helped me control how much salt to take in! Just raced USAT Nationals 6 days after IM Boulder and haven't cramped yet thanks to Base in my bottles and on the run! IMG_3906 Jeremy Klammer, 14:04:41, M25-29, AL Benjamin Compton, 14:04:57, M50-54, CA Krista Baumgartner, 14:05:33, F35-39, CO Chad Elrod, 14:05:39, M35-39, TX Lisa Plunkett, 14:09:05, F45-49, CO Lauren Fogarty, 14:09:40, F30-34, GA Brandon Eppihimer, 14:09:57, M35-39, NC Jen Mayfield, 14:10:51, F40-44, IL John Black, 14:11:20, M40-44, TX Tricia Mainil, 14:11:23, F40-44, AZ Brandon Wyszynski, 14:11:42, M40-44, CO April Pawlowski, 14:12:58, F40-44, NC Thank you so much for the Salt. I trained with Lemon/Lime Performance and it said it was going to be on the course. At the first station it was NOT there. I tired the other flavor and almost threw up. I asked for salt pills several times and no one had any. I was getting concerned and then ran into you. I was able to run the whole marathon (except for the aid stations) I felt great. I am researching your salt and will most likely order some for next season. Thank you again for being out there!!!!! Jeff Jonas, 14:14:53, M50-54, NV Sondra Johnson, 14:14:58, F40-44, TX I want to thank you! I had my salt tablets in my belt pocket and love and need lots of salt but when you gave me the salt holder I wasn't sure if I would like carrying something but I loved it!!! I will still do my tablets on the bike but I will have your salt for now on on my runs! Glenn Dyer, 14:15:04, M55-59, CO Steven Mingilton, 14:16:52, M30-34, CO Def used BASE salt during the run and it def saved me! Lol! Rick Miller, 14:17:12, M50-54, CA Curt Ollila, 14:18:07, M50-54, CO David Mckee, 14:18:08, M25-29, MI Kathy Hull, 14:18:18, F55-59, CO Thank you. I used your salt for cramps and it helped me stop cramping and finish the race.  The 2 pictures below are "before BASE Salt" and "After BASE Salt" Kathy_Salt 9 mile 8-3-14 Kathy_ 22 miles                               Bishop Leatherbury, 14:18:50, M60-64, GA Randy Ostler, 14:18:56, M50-54, UT Todd Dykstra, 14:19:08, M40-44, MI Christine Mellick, 14:19:25, F45-49, CA Hi Matt - I really wanted to thank you for being out there doing what you do. I suffered early on during the bike course even though I'd planned and religiously took my S caps/ Endurolytes and included electrolyte drinks and water. But it was not enough and by mile 80 I was in bad shape with major quad/calf cramping in both legs. I made it through the bike with a few stops with a medic but my nutrition started also declining during the run. I was surprised that no aid stations had salt tabs and later on the run it was absent there as well. Mostly shuffling and walking the first half of the run I'd passed by your tent not sure what to think. The 2nd time around I took a small pour of your base salt with a swig of water. Very quickly afterwards I started feeling soooo much better. I actually ran the entire last half only stopping for chicken broth and some water. You turned my entire IM around. Thank you so much for your knowledge and passion for what you do!!!!! Paul Morrison, 14:20:43, M35-39, UT MICHAEL MORENO 14:20:43 CO John Kruempelstaedter, 14:20:48, M50-54, CA Brett Prince, 14:21:25, M35-39, MA Parker Edmiston, 14:21:50, M50-54, AL JUSTIN STERNBERG 14:21:56 TX Adrian Horner, 14:22:09, M35-39, CO John Hibbler, 14:22:23, M50-54, MI RHONDA HALLIBURTON 14:22:38 TX Thank you for the salt too. It was a life saver. Rob Solis, 14:23:30, M35-39, TX BRAD KINKEAD 14:23:34 RI Scott Ko, 14:23:37, M30-34, CA Eric Swanson, 14:24:06, M50-54, MN Paul Kelly, 14:24:20, M40-44, CO Chad Davis, 14:25:12, M30-34, IN Leigh Levesque, 14:25:16, F45-49, CO Hello!  I think you may have talked to me after the race.....a was a little out of it though. I would not have been able to finish that race without you.  Thank you so much! William Nelson, 14:25:37, M50-54, CO Chris Neukom, 14:25:45, M40-44, CO Elwyn Owen, 14:26:15, M50-54, CO Mark Haas, 14:26:47, M55-59, TX Laura Frost, 14:27:44, F50-54, AZ Shannon Dye, 14:27:50, F35-39, CO Richard Williams, 14:28:27, M60-64, CO Paul Casanova, 14:30:37, M40-44, CO Jonathan Edge, 14:31:13, M45-49, CA Matt Boumphrey, 14:31:20, M30-34, OH LLOYD HENRY 14:31:22 DC Jeff Konieczny, 14:32:28, M45-49, CO Jeff Brack (Me), 14:32:56, M35-39, AZ Elizabeth Model, 14:33:02, F55-59, BC Mark Thompson, 14:33:11, M50-54, NM Joseph May, 14:33:43, M30-34, TX Brook Wheeler, 14:34:00, F40-44, MN Daniel Lenard, 14:36:01, M30-34, CO Oliver Chappatte, 14:36:30, M55-59, Kent Rebecca Murray, 14:36:30, F30-34, GA Hi Matt! Thank you for being on the IM Boulder run course! Your salt made my race possible. I managed to survive the day without cramping or stomach issues by being proactive with your salt. It was easy to get down and about half way through the run I even started to crave it. Thanks again! Your tent was a life saver out there! Alfon Lopez, 14:36:38, M50-54, Espana Sarah Day, 14:38:20, F45-49, CO Aaron Berlin, 14:38:29, M30-34, CO Daniel Dwyre, 14:38:57, M30-34, AB MICHELLE MOROVITZ 14:39:07 CO Tried the salt at the very end of my run. Not a huge salt person yet BASE helped keep me going. Good stuff and would love to try it again during another endurance event! Thanks Matt Miller for being there to support all the Ironman Athletes! Christian Espinosa, 14:39:25, M40-44, IL Anthony Hird, 14:39:30, M30-34, NY I'd definitely like to say thank you for providing the BASE salt. I think it saved my race!! I was cramping and feeling just terrible at mile 1 when I saw you and your salt boosted me. I thought they were going to have tablets out on the course so I didn't bring my own. Yours worked perfectly. Lauren Johnson, 14:40:40, F30-34, CO Scott Shipley, 14:40:48, M45-49, AB Uncle Chuck, 14:41:03, M45-49, CO Chip Cerovac, 14:41:19, M50-54, FL David Poole, 14:41:46, M50-54, CO Cyndi Bray, 14:41:54, F45-49, CO Dave Formanski, 14:42:20, M30-34, IL Jim Harrington, 14:43:13, M50-54, TX Tyler Schuler, 14:43:42, M25-29, MN Rob Reddy, 14:47:30, M45-49, OH KATHY TRUE 14:48:25 UT The salt was a great product. Saved me. No stomach issues. I loved it!  The product saved me. I usually get chills at the end of a big race and I was warm and fine. Electrolytes were in balance. Definitely works. I'll be a forever client. Steven Castillo, 14:48:28, M40-44, CA Bruce Wilson, 14:49:00, M65-69, CO John Schnatz, 14:49:28, M50-54, TX Melanie Schiff, 14:51:54, F35-39, CO Jeff Norman, 14:53:30, M45-49, CO SHELLY GERTGEN 14:53:57 CO I made a last-minute decision to use water only on the bike and run and use BASE salts for electrolyte. I am happy to report that I did not have any electrolyte issues and was able to avoid the Gatorade gut rot and taste fatigue that usually strikes at mile 85 on the bike. Thanks, Matt! I'm going to keep experimenting with the salts. Joan Lockwood, 14:54:19, F70-74, CO Barbara Fantle, 14:54:24, F50-54, CO Natalie Wright, 14:54:47, F30-34, FL Jessica Bishop, 14:55:17, F25-29, CO Jason Migala, 14:55:37, M35-39, MN Walker Taylor, 14:55:47, M50-54, NC PETER CRESCENTI 14:56:16 CA Jared Young, 14:56:17, M30-34, CO Tammy Ware, 14:57:48, F40-44, CO I had never experienced cramps in my legs like I did on Sunday (from about mile 96 on the bike). I was really concerned about running the marathon....and I definitely walked a lot more than I ever had before. But it's all good.....I finished!  It was obvious that my legs were cramping and another runner had told me to stop at the "salt table", so I did. Thanks so much for your help. The cramps did subside. My stomach was a little upset but given what I had already done that day it's understandable. Thanks again, Matt. Rose Doyle, 14:58:07, F40-44, FL KELLY FOSTER 14:58:23 TX Andrew Sisson, 14:58:40, M45-49, TX John Capra, 15:00:12, M50-54, CO Thank you helped me out after 10 miles. Marilyn Goodloe, 15:00:40, F50-54, CO Aleksei Bogdanov, 15:02:11, M30-34, 0 Nicki Golob, 15:03:19, F40-44, CO Tara Kilroy, 15:05:09, F40-44, CO Mark Adams, 15:05:12, M50-54, KY Anthony Ferretti, 15:05:48, M30-34, CO Michael Travis, 15:06:47, M60-64, CO Aaron Amoroso, 15:09:44, M30-34, CO TIFFANY GREEN 15:12:43 MS Hey there!  Think the BASE really helped on the bike. I had a terrible run due to asthmatic issues probably related to the dryness in the air. Still very painful to breathe and impossible to take a deep breathe  So not my best run but surely enjoyed it!  Will definitely continue to use your product. Kimberley Alvares, 15:14:00, F25-29, TX I have been training with BASE products (I use the Base Amino and the salt) and have noticed a huge difference in how I felt during and after the long rides and heat training of Texas. The products work. I have more energy and am able to push harder at the end when I take it at regular intervals. I used the both the salt and amino products for Ironman Boulder and it really helped get me through that bike course in the heat and climbing. Having the salt on the run really also helped keep me going! Thank you Matt Miller for being on the run course providing salt and supporting all the endurance athletes racing. Steve Fredricks, 15:14:55, M45-49, CO Chris Schaben, 15:16:45, M35-39, NE Misty Suarez, 15:17:29, F45-49, UT Jennifer Hendel, 15:18:43, F50-54, CO Alexander Hsia, 15:22:17, M50-54, CO Fernando Careaga, 15:23:39, M50-54, DF Thomas Wong, 15:24:22, M45-49, CO John Strzepek, 15:24:54, M30-34, CT Wayne Klein, 15:25:39, M40-44, IL Adam Mahlum, 15:27:46, M40-44, OR Lewis Litwiler, 15:28:56, M40-44, CO Ruth Clymor, 15:29:29, F30-34, CO I was so delirious by mile 10 I don't even recall you getting my number. The salt was great. It did really help. Thanks for being out there Sunday. Hopefully we will see you out there for ironman Arizona in a few short months. John Harshaw, 15:30:14, M40-44, TX Patrice Kennedy, 15:31:15, F45-49, CO Carley Hyman, 15:31:31, F35-39, CO I noticed a HUGE difference! I took some in at mile 13 and managed to PR the marathon and finish strong. I was disappointed that you guys were gone when I came back around Thomas Haid, 15:31:42, M25-29, CA Gina Chupka, 15:33:03, F35-39, CO Loved the salt! Saved my IM (as well as my Leadville 50). I need to remember this on longer runs. Where can you buy your product? Thanks for being out there and supporting us. We couldn't do it without you! Robert Draper, 15:33:16, M40-44, IL Cade Pearson, 15:33:35, M35-39, NE Thanks for your product. Really seemed to help. Deborah Eppstein, 15:33:48, F65-69, UT Vicki Owens, 15:34:24, F55-59, CO Joe Beninghof, 15:34:35, M55-59, CO Bill Tommaney, 15:35:06, M45-49, TX Milam Paraschou, 15:35:48, M40-44, CO Lawrence Meyer, 15:36:01, M50-54, FL LAWRENCE MEYER 15:36:01 FL John Hazen, 15:38:14, M35-39, CA Clay Brice, 15:39:44, M40-44, GA Chris Lindley, 15:40:28, M35-39, CO Your salt helped Mitchell Espinosa, 15:44:25, M40-44, TX Brian Cowan, 15:44:36, M50-54, LA Sean Lindsay, 15:45:51, M50-54, CO Christie Bone, 15:46:47, F35-39, TX Matthew Bayless, 15:47:37, M40-44, TX Nicholas Thielmann, 15:48:10, M35-39, CO Douglas Weas, 15:48:23, M50-54, WI Michelle Lapuente, 15:50:38, F40-44, CO That was a treat...I'll be using it as I prep now for my Oct marathon. Susan McNamee, 15:51:34, F60-64, CO I didn't take it cause I had salt tabs but I know you helped so many!! Leslie Ornstein, 15:51:45, F45-49, CO Danny Hoeft, 15:51:47, M35-39, CO Richard Miller, 15:52:07, M35-39, TX Valerie Sahlieh, 15:53:04, F45-49, CO I am grateful that you guys were out there! I believe it saved my day:) Renaud Souhami, 15:53:45, M40-44, France Gary Deters, 15:58:22, M60-64, CO Robyn Capobianco, 15:58:43, F40-44, CO Moises Romero, 15:58:46, M40-44, UT Sean Saunders, 15:59:21, M40-44, CO Dennis Killian, 15:59:55, M55-59, IL William Anderson, 16:00:10, M45-49, GA LISA BARNHART 16:02:26 TX Erica Chapman, 16:02:57, F40-44, IL Arnold Reeves, 16:03:32, M50-54, NE It was a very long day and I was one of the folks covered in white. I did not know what to think the first time a ran (if that is what you call it) by. Definitely took advantage of it the next time by. Thank you so much! Nancy Cooper, 16:05:27, F50-54, CO I think the only reason I was able to finish was because of your salt - many thanks Russell Trice, 16:08:22, M45-49, CA Carlos Thomaz, 16:09:38, M35-39, CO Ceazar Costiniano, 16:10:00, M45-49, TX Ross Hawk, 16:10:13, M45-49, IL My day was already ruined on the bike due to cramping. My guess is your salt allowed me to finish. I was slow but actually got stronger through out the day. I really appreciate you guys!! Donnie Brooks, 16:10:34, M30-34, SC You guys were a life saver! Thank you so much. I must have stopped 3 times at your tent. You saved a bunch of people's races KEN CHIN 16:10:43 IL John Whitney, 16:14:00, M25-29, CO Amanda Crutchfield, 16:14:25, 35-39, AZ Allen Russell, 16:15:18, M50-54, CO Michael Bingham, 16:15:22, M60-64, MA Johnathan Nader, 16:15:53, M25-29, FL Roxanne Camirand, 16:16:04, F40-44, Canada Russ Pence, 16:16:51, M50-54, CO Dan Weiss, 16:17:42, M45-49, CO Farnoosh Farahi, 16:19:39, F25-29, CO I was so worried you were going to pull me from the race if you saw me again!!!! Haha I had over hydrated that day and definitely needed salt.... I should have run that marathon much faster. Just happy I'm alive!!! Thanks for the salt! I needed it! I am actually working on my race report now. JASON BISSONNETTE 16:20:10 OK Susan Haag, 16:23:52, F45-49, FL Michael Millgram, 16:25:04, M55-59, BRAD KELLEY 16:25:11 TX I have nothing but good things to say about your salt. I don't normally write reviews or blogs but your salt is a game changer for me and I will get a review out to you very soon. I will definitely be using it for my Triple Ironman in October. Funny story on the tic tac clear case I dropped it but it did not break. I rode my bike back and picked it up, then sometime it all spilled in my bento bag on top bar. Worked flawlessly, no fumbling with it anymore while riding I would just lick my finger and stick it in my bento bag. I will figure some method out that works good on bike and I will be sure to share it with you. Lisa Robinson, 16:25:23, F30-34, CA Bill Tanner, 16:25:49, M40-44, GA Todd Wait, 16:25:57, M40-44, AZ Frank Boyle, 16:26:36, M45-49, CA Dane Heikes, 16:27:12, M30-34, CO David Salazar, 16:28:27, M25-29, CA Adam Steidley, 16:28:27, M30-34, OK Risa Wight, 16:30:29, F50-54, FL Regina Detolve, 16:31:18, F45-49, CA Erin Miller, 16:31:21, F30-34, NC Nancy Henley, 16:33:06, F50-54, TX Devin Bethune, 16:33:19, M30-34, NE Kelly Kingsfield, 16:34:30, F45-49, GA You saved my race. That's the biggest compliment I can give you. I was going to drop but you turned me around. I had salt tabs and was taking them but your product worked much faster! I'm a forever fan! Anne Ruybal, 16:35:00, F55-59, CO Thank you for being on the IM Boulder run course! I had stomach issues all day (before race start even) and your salt really helped! JEFF EHLI 16:35:02 MI Earl Higgs, 16:36:34, M45-49, NM SEAN MCANDREW 16:38:31 M 40-44 CO Hey Matt, you bet the salt saved my hide...I could see my muscles parting in the way we are originally from the Banner Elk/Boone/Asheville area. Cheers let me know if I can do anything for you out here in Boulder Adi Marston, 16:40:25, M40-44, United Kingdom LACEY CASTANEDA  16:41:55 CO Kevin Yuill, 16:42:05, M30-34, UT Jack Fisher, 16:42:23, M50-54, AL Jill Scott, 16:42:40, F35-39, NE TAMMY DARNELL 16:42:51 TX The salt worked great.  I even shared with others in need. ROBIN JOHNSON 16:42:54 FL Justin Bilgri, 16:43:26, M35-39, TX Lauren Robinson, 16:43:49, F35-39, CO Molly Pearson, 16:45:16, F30-34, NE Your salt saved my bacon on the run course at Boulder IM. Thank you so much for being out there. I was cramping and it turned around quickly! My husband Cade Pearson also got some of your salt and turned around a pretty miserable run (walk) and was able to actually start running the last few miles. Seriously. Thank you for being there. It was awesome. I'm going to check out the site and integrate some of your stuff into my training and racing. Peter Gonzalez, 16:46:13, M50-54, MO Leola Daul, 16:46:53, F50-54, ND Richard Murphy, 16:48:01, M55-59, CO Sarah Hamilton, 16:50:33, F45-49, WA Jessica Rodriguez, 16:51:17, F35-39, CA Sandra Andrade, 16:54:00, F40-44, IL Derrick Stevens, 16:55:09, M55-59, CO Travis Lefever, 16:55:23, M35-39, NC CYNTHIA PLATERO 16:56:09  TX F30-34 I am part of 2 Dallas Tri groups - Go3Sports and DFW Tri Club -- Both groups train with BASE products (there's more than just the salt y'all) Both rookies and seasoned veterans alike rave about these products and Matt Miller. He understands the endurance athlete and their needs like no other and the product is amazing. You guys should really think about training with this product, don't let it just be your "race saver" And if you have any questions whatsoever, hit up Matt - he will answer any question you have Let him take care of you like he takes care of Ben Staggs, 16:56:47, CO, Jim Tyrrell, 16:56:59, M40-44, CO Andrew Salazar, 16:57:46, M25-29, CO

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Chanc Woods
Chanc Woods

May 03, 2016

Thanks for camping out on the Boulder IM run, I know everyone appreciated you guys.

Matt Miller
Matt Miller

May 03, 2016

Hi Leslie. I will bring some extra to Louisville. I am leaving today, arriving tomorrow. Feel free to text me. 281-995-3983. If it doesn’t arrive before, we can do something there.

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