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BASE Performance is Official Sponsor of Soul Sports


BASE Performance, creator and distributor of premiere supplements for endurance athletes, announced it is an official sponsor of Soul Sports The Soul Sports® training philosophy is simple: 

1. We have FUN training and racing. Our athletes work hard, and race hard, because they enjoy it!

2. We emphasize being a healthy, balanced athlete. Training is important, and it should compliment your time spent with family, friends and other life commitments. Balance in life, Balance   in Sport.

3. We believe in our athletes and what they can accomplish. We also want you to believe in yourself!

4. We believe in hard, and smart, training. Every workout will have a specific purpose. With our programs, there are no junk hours. Every training minute counts towards your goals.

5. We believe in being held accountable for your own training. Be honest & truthful about what you choose to complete!

6. We want to communicate with you! Weekly, if not daily, contact. We want to hear from our athletes via in training peaks comments, in person, phone, text, or email. Ask us lots of           questions and give us feedback on your training accomplishments and setbacks.

7. We encourage clean eating with minimally processed foods. We do not believe in quick fixes, gimmicks, or strict dieting. Our athletes maintain healthy weights, body fat percentages and have a strong sense of body image and self confidence. Soul-Sports-Logo-

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