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Why We Do It; Reason #1

Ambassadors Inspiration

philThe reason we make and offer the products we do are for you, the customers. Without the customers and people continually pushing their personal possibilities there would be no reason for us to exist. So, when I get emails like the one below it makes my day, week, year really. Very cool to get something from a loved one who appreciates the small role we play in someone else achieving their goals. Thanks Alexa, and keep smiling and racing Phil!
I just wanted to write a quick note about my fiancé, Phil Royston. He has been a loyal customer of yours for the last year. With the help of your BASE Performance products, Phil has been able to make a comeback to triathlon after a 2 year battle with stress fractures. Most recently, Phil completed his first half Ironman at Galveston 70.3; and he didn't just show up--he took the field by storm with a 4:49:00 finish time! Thanks to the quality of BASE Performance products, Phil was able to make it to the starting line healthy and cross the finish line like a champ. We will always be loyal customers who keep coming back for more! Thanks for making such a great product. Sincerely, Alexa Farris

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