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Ironman CDA Race Report

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Here is a race report from BASE Ambassador Derek Couse, an awesome day on the course. Congrats Derek!

My day started off with breakfast and a Zym tab with 2 scoops of Base Amino in water along with my Base Vitamins.  Water bottles for the bike were loaded with Base Salts as well.

Swim start was amazing.  I have never swam with this many people, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.  The water was cold and my hands cramped.  I could not get my fingers together for an effective stroke.  I kept moving and by the start of the second lap, I was swimming better.  Negative split on the swim and out of the water in 1:17.  I was looking for 1:15 so I was close to what I wanted and pretty happy with it.

T1, slower than I expected but I was still overall ahead of my goal.

Bike was unbelievable to say the least.  My heart rate dropped immediately after getting on the bike.  Normally it takes a while for it to come down.  Got the RPM’s up and held the HR down but the speed was up.  I expected a 6:15 bike leg and would have been happy with that too.  Finished bike leg in 5:30 at over 20 mph and a cadence of 89.  I have not done a half iron at that pace!

The run started out really well.  The first half was right where I wanted it.  HR and pace in check but the quads started burning coming in to the turnaround.  I knew the second half was going to be a struggle.  Mile 17 I was hurting, and I should be.  The last two hills were painful but I made it through.  Coming to the finish line was an amazing experience and to think a 40 yr old Ironman rookie pull off an 11:06 still floors me. 

Big part of my day was no cramping what so ever.  The salt is amazing!  I am a heavy sweater so the salt intake was very important to me.  Thank you again for all of your support!

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